Nach einem zunächst nicht so ganz erfolgreichen Selbstmordversuch und mehreren Tagen im Koma ist Vic Chesnutt im Alter von 45 Jahren gestorben.

Vic Chesnutt - Supernatural

Kristin Hersh hat eine Website aufgesetzt für diejenigen, die Vics Familie mit Spenden unterstützen wollen.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to listen to his music again, but I know how vital it is that others hear it. When I got the phone call I'd been dreading for the last fifteen years, I lost my balance. My whole being shifted to the left; I couldn't stand up without careening into the wall and I was freezing cold. I don't think I like this planet without Vic; I swore I would never live here without him. But what he left here is the sound of a life that pushed against its constraints, as all lives should. It's the sound of someone on fire. It makes this planet better.

- Kristin Hersh