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Gezwitscher vom 28.10.2011

Most designer portfolio sites make a better 1st impression and completely wet the bed when it comes to using it. http://t.co/l0lyb4PZ # grid + responsive = trouble. but there's light at the end of the browser: http://t.co/8fbCV2Tr # goog morning y'all. this just made me spill coffee al over the screen http://t.co/W7jYcmJd #wulffmorgenthaler #

Rocktober - 28

My Medicine (Live) - The Pretty Reckless youtube direktmedizin

Gezwitscher vom 27.10.2011

(jetzt mal unter uns, der Rösler, der ist doch nicht echt…?) # In Pirates Of The Carribean, part 4, Lou Reed will have a cameo as Jack Sparrow's mum. # the one thing that would make Lulu even more unlistenable: Will Shatner as guest shouter. #fb http://t.co/qTedcAUn # Radler is a helluva drug #fb #…

Rocktober - 27

Ever Fallen In Love (Live) - Buzzcocks youtube direktinliebegefallen

Gezwitscher vom 26.10.2011

communication, strategy, creativity, technology, diplomacy, economy. and what's your job again? #overqualifiedandunderpaid #

Rocktober - 26

Wasted (Live) - The Runaways youtube direktwegrenner

Gezwitscher vom 25.10.2011

in a perfect world, the abbreviation for windows is fail, not win. #fb # Lesetip: http://t.co/4eE4ePGx #fb #apple #google amazon #facebook #

Rocktober - 25

Mother Puncher (live) - Mastodon youtube direktmutterhaue

Gezwitscher vom 24.10.2011

still impressed by the "design professionalism" input. wrote a short recomendation over at http://t.co/sDS4hDgU #