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The Mobile Shift – the end of small studios?

[TL:DR] With the cultural change in processes (agile vs. waterfall), the need to educate clients and partners, and the imperative of working early in processes, small studios may lack the financial resources and manpower to fund this pioneering phase. Big agencies on the other hand have the resources, contacts, and the standing to establish new…

Gezwitscher vom 01.08.2012

"minimiere cloudabhängigkeit und -nutzung" na dann viel spass mit mountain lion :/ http://t.co/h0aXO175 # Gibt halt auch Schurken in der Wolke… http://t.co/4K9celKW # "Going responsive with non-responsive clients" Ein Darma in 10 Teieln # http://t.co/eP8fSxMf # http://t.co/EP5t0Uwm # thank god its mittwoch. #