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Just a small test for my blog-to-twitter indieweb implementation.

[^blog] Further tweaking the things I started last week @indiewebcamp #indiewebcamp. The great thing about having your own playground: You have your own playground and even if you break something, you'll learn loads about the inner workings of the stuff that fires your site.
Even if I wear no mohawk and never did, this punk attidude of just doing shit on your own terms sits very very well with me, even after all these decades… <3

Add class attribute to WordPress "the_tags" markup

I'm in the process of gradually enhancing my site's markup with microformats, in order to "indiewebify" my site further.
On thing I noticed while working on this at the Düsseldorf Indiewebcamp, is that WordPress (or the way my theme handles) tags on posts has no way to get an additional class inside the link markup. I noticed this while POSSEing to flickr -- my categories were transferred, my tags not so much, because the class="p-category" was missing. I found a way to modify the the_tags output by hooking into WP's term_links-$taxonomy filter in my theme's function.php.

Maybe there's a smarter ...

me and the POSSE, we've still got a long way to go. But the first baby steps are in place :)

What gives this grumpy old front end designer hope is that now even 'visual' designers start to educate their peers on this iterative thing we're trying to land for years.
making a note to send all 'designers' to @_lilchen s #btconf talk https://vimeo.com/165950912

Beyond Tellerrand 2016 Opening Titles

Surf Baby, surf :-)

Düsseldorf, Freunde finden

Ein blaues Schwein

Düsseldorf, Tourist Edition

Funkturm Düsseldorf, Stückchen Brücke, Rhein

Indiewebcamp Düsseldorf, Day 2

Sitting in my hotel room, watching the sun rise, while some people are having a good time at a party that's happening right next to the hotel…

The bass penetrates everything, walls, windows, even my ear plugs. So, why not use this early hour and reflect on the topics and discussions that happened yesterday?

The discussion around having your website kind of your identity provider, with ways of having your complete 'web output' there, notes, photos, whatnot, and still retaining some kind of 'separate' identities for different relations like a 'professional profile' or for sports/hobby related acquaintance is very interesting to ...