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#catember 9

Reisecat hat sich am Tag 9 des #catember mal das Herz des Empires angesehen. Wohnen möchte man da nicht.

Sunset @ West Pier, Brighton, UK


#catember 8 - reasons.to remix

Day 8 of #catember is a "thank you" for @johnnybelmont and the team that set up such an amazing program for the tenth aniversary of the "reasons.to" conference. And of course to the speakers as well. I'm very glad that I finally made it to Bighton to attend this 3day monster of a conference, it…

#catember 7

Today's #catember is sent from a confurence, where interesting cats of all shapes and colours can be found :)

#catember 6

Reisecat macht sich so ihre Gedanken über Größenverhältnisse. #catember

#catember 5

So hatte sich Reisecat das englische Wetter vorgestellt, genau so. #catember