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The Web Has Turned

The web has turned and left me here
Just where I was before it appeared
And in its place an empty space
Has filled the void behind my face

I just made love with its sweet memory
One thousand times in my head
it said it loved it more than ever
it said

it remains turned away
Turning further every day

The web has turned and left me here
Just where I was before it appeared
And in its place an empty space
Has filled the void behind my face

I talked for hours to its wallet photograph
And it just listened
it laughed enchanted by my intellect
Or maybe it didn't

it remains turned away
Turning further ...

They don't build them like they used to

Hey, manufacturers of things that have plastic parts, what's going on?

I have an old, but well-kept AKG K518LE headphone and suddenly all the matte plastic parts on the headphone are turning into a sticky gooey mess.

I have a Wacom tablet and the Intuos pen had the same issue - the grip area turned also into a sticky gooey mess last year. I was able to rescue the pen by using an automotive plastic conditioner, but this fails on the AKG phone's plastic parts. It reduced the stickyness, but the plastic parts' surface is detoriating and has little dents and ...

WordPress filter for lazy loading src

Chris Coyier (@css) has shared a code snippet that will add loading="lazy" to every scr=" instance in WordPress's content.

But this will replace every instance, not only in img or iframe tags, which can lead to some unwanted replacements.

Here's my version for that filter:

// in theme’s functions.php or a plugin
function wbr_add_lazy_loading($content){
$content = preg_replace('/(< [^>]*?)(\ssrc=)(.*?\/?>)/','\1 loading="lazy" src=\3',$content);
return $content;

(! beware that WordPress here adds an empty space after the "<", look at the test link for the correct regex)

This should match all src attributes in tags, but excludes for example "data-src" from the match and ...

A quick note to my past-self

If there’s one thing that now-me would urgently tell past-me, when starting this whole self-employed business, it is this:

Beware of „cost“ focussed clients,
seek the „investment“ minded ones.

Adapt your communication accordingly.

If your services are seen only as „cost“, no fruitful and growing relation will come out of it - and with those clients, no matter what you do, it will not be honored.

If your services are seen as an „investment“ on the other hand, there’s a clear mindset that you will provide added benefit, and this is a whole different mode of operation.

(this orginally was a short burst of tweets, maybe I'll add some more thoughts to this post later.)

All your face are belong to us

Illustration of a smiley left and a skull right, by wondertom.de

Imagine you'd like to build a database with not only every data you usually can get through user interaction with your service and the device where your app has been installed on, but with pictures of your user's faces, too. What a treasure trove in times of face recognition software.

But surely after all those breaches and hacks related to online services, you'd have a very hard time getting to this kind of data, right? Especially when you are based in ...

Thom Yorke - Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt, 3.7.2019

If you want to know how it actually feels when your left brain is struggling with the right brain, treat yourself to a @thomyorke ANIMA show:
While your inner animal wants to move to the groove and the deceptively deep beats that are coming from Thom and Nigel Godrich, there's this little problem - there are a ton of different rhythmic layers in each song, and while your intellect still tries to grasp the logic, suddenly the great visuals (by Tarik Barri) will simply stun you in mid-thought. Then sometimes the rhythmic layers' interferences will form a ...

Red Brauns

What is Braun and makes for an honest good filtered coffee? Right.

TYPO3 8.7 translation handling of page media

Yesterday I once again got stuck with a seemingly simple task that quickly turned out to be a veritable rabbit hole:

In a client website the header images are managed using the 'resources' tab of a page. File references are stored in the 'media' column of the pages table in the database.

The site is set up for multi language, has language fallbacks set and for page contents everything works as expected. But when a translation of a page is created, those file references are gone for the translation, resulting in this case in having no header images on the translated ...

Business plan for dummies

My (business) plan for the last years now. Problem is, the yellow circle is constantly shifting and sometimes in the undefined realm. The ultimate would be having all three circles the same size and position, but this'll never happen.
So firstly, grey needs to be in yellow, and growing.