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Make #grid.js play nicely with wraps

Fueled by Jon Tan's talk at the Beyond Tellerrand conference, I tested the hashgrid.js for my "About me" page. While trying to get the baselinegrid play along with relative values instead of the fixed pixel values, I noted a strange behaviour. I wanted the grid to work only on my wrapping element (in my case…

LESS is more, more or less

(Updated: please see update at the end of this post) Inspired by the recent article “Less” on “Stuff & Nonsense” by Andy Clarke (@malarkey), I finally jumped the wagon and had my first round with the CSS-pre-processor Less. My usecase is a rather large website that changes it’s colour-scheme to complement the look of the…

Quality Is Not An Option

A brief musing on why creative and passionate people tend to be the ones not getting paid.