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Jeremy Keith - Choice

We’ve made the mistake in the past of framing problems as “either/or”, when in fact, the correct solution was “both!”:

you can either have a desktop site or a mobile site,
you can either have rich interactivity or accessibility,
you can either have a single page app or progressive enhancement.

We don’t have to choose. It might take more work, but we can have our web cake and eat it.

Sunday morning Processing doodle

Viele Kreise mit Processing

I played around some more with my Processing script, this time drawing circles over and over again, changing their position, stroke colour, and stroke width slightly with each iteration.

As a kid, I could spend whole afternoons drawing circles around a circle, and add new circles at each intersection of the circles already drawn, gradually filling up the paper with ever more complex patterns… I think I just rediscovered this old love :-)

Fibonacci, der Goldene Schnitt, Processing und ich


Nach der Kopfdruckbetankung vor knapp zwei Wochen auf der Reasons to Konferenz in Brighton habe ich mir ja vorgenommen, mich wieder mal mit Processing zu beschäftigen. Da ich mich seit der Konferenz nicht vor dem heimischen Rechner befand, habe ich mir eine auf processing.js basierende App auf iPad geladen und die letzten Abende damit rumgespielt. Und siehe da, nach etwas hin und her und merkwürdigen Ergebnissen zwischendurch ist mir das erste Mal eine "schöne" Grafik gelungen. Ich verstehe immer noch nicht, warum das so ein wunderbares Muster ergibt, sobald ...

WordPress 4.6 "Pepper" ist da


Vor drei Tagen ist die neue WordPress Version erschienen.

New features in 4.6 help you to focus on the important things while feeling more at home.

Hm, na dann… :-)
In den paar Installationen, die ich schon aktualisiert habe, lief alles glatt und ohne Auffälligkeiten, daher drücke ich nun auch hier in der Bloghütte den Update Button.


Getting flexible with two speakers in one cabinet


Years ago I found an old Reußenzehn cabinet with two 12" speakers in an old rehearsal room that we cleaned up. Since neither the speakers nor the cabinet beared any markings regarding impedance and wattage, I was reluctant to use this box, and so it kind of hybernated for quite some time now.

In the last weeks I worked on two tube amps, changing power tubes, setting the bias, and one transistor amp, where I repaired a blown power section. So it turned out that I have a need for a relatively small and compact cabinet to test ...

A Front End Developer is Aware - Chris Coyier

In a general sense, the front end developer is positioned in the middle of lots of other jobs. Everybody involved in a web team ends up talking with the front end developers. That makes sense. The front end developers create the actual thing people interact with. Everything comes together with the front end developer. Perhaps that's why it's such a fun job!

Backdoor Service Workers - Jeremy Keith

(…) Just don’t tell the advertising industry about this. (…)

Ouch. Good find, Jeremy.

WordPress 4.5.3 Security Release


Gestern abend ist eine neue Version mit Sicherheits- und Wartungsfixes erschienen. Bei den diversen Installationen, in die ich involviert bin, hat sich das automatisch aktualisiert, auch bei älteren Versionen als 4.5.2, wie gehabt gibt es die Source aber auch zum Download auf

WordPress versions 4.5.2 and earlier are affected by several security issues: redirect bypass in the customizer, reported by Yassine Aboukir; two different XSS problems via attachment names, reported by Jouko Pynnönen and Divyesh Prajapati; revision history information disclosure, reported independently by John Blackbourn from the WordPress security



For a long time it has bugged me that the css for the recent version of my site was desktop-down. I made some adjustments for adaptive/responsive behaviour three or four years ago, but since the code base of my site is organically growing since I started it on WordPress in 2005… uhm, I think you get the picture. So all I did back then was to consider how the site should look on smaller screens, and making modifications inside max-width media queries, keeping all of the desktop-related stuff as the default styles, outside any media queries.
Of course when starting ...

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