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Matthias Ott: Saving your web workflows with prototyping

Oh, Matthias did it again: Publishing one of his thorough articles on the challenges of designing/working with "the web".
It is again one of those articles that I'd wished to have written myself, because it echoes my thoughts (and my frustration) about the unfitting ways I am forced to work in when I'm doing client or agency-work. This feeling of not using the medium to its full potential, because the people involved in "the job" are focussing on the superficial and visual aspects only. The frustration about always having to fight for lean and performant solutions, and the nagging feeling ...

You In Your Memories - Beatsteaks feat. Chad Price

Die Buletten haben ein albernes Video zu meinem Lieblingssong auf der letzten Platte gemacht. Juhu. :)

youtube direct guitarshop

Learnui.design: The HSB Color System: A Practicioner's Primer

We’re going to cover what H, S, and B are, and then I’m going to tell you about why this is the single-best color system in wide usage, plus some intricacies of using it in day-to-day digital design.

Washington Monthly: How to Fix Facebook—Before It Fixes Us

(…) Algorithms that maximize attention give an advantage to negative messages. People tend to react more to inputs that land low on the brainstem. Fear and anger produce a lot more engagement and sharing than joy. The result is that the algorithms favor sensational content over substance. Of course, this has always been true for media; hence the old news adage “If it bleeds, it leads.” But for mass media, this was constrained by one-size-fits-all content and by the limitations of delivery platforms. Not so for internet platforms on smartphones. They have created billions of individual channels, each


Wired: Facebook bug could have let advertisers get your phone number

Facebook tells users that giving the company their mobile phone number will help keep their account secure. Until a few weeks ago, however, the social network’s self-service ad-targeting tools could be massaged into revealing a Facebook user’s cellphone number from their email address. The same flaw made it possible to collect phone numbers for Facebook users who had visited a particular webpage.wired.com

Oh wow. This is why I was very reluctant to give platforms access to my phone number, and still have a bad feeling for the few where I enabled 2fa with a phone ...

The Joy of the Guitar Riff

youtube direct riffing

An diesem verregneten Sonntagvormittag genau der richtige youtube Zufallsfund: Eine Doku über dieses merkwürdige Ding 'Riff' und dessen Evolution von Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Link Wray, den Kinks, Shadows, Black Sabbath, King Crimson, Runaways, Heart, Chic, und und und bis The Smiths, Sonic Youth, Nirvana und "Seven Nation Army".
Aber auch mit so zutreffenden Aussagen wie: "… by then [mid eighties] the riff had taken a wrong turn and ended in a cock rock cul de sac".


They Warned Me - Okilly Dokilly

I can't even…

youtube direct flanders

Das ist der Vorteil, wenn man mit Leuten, die leicht einen an der Waffel haben, zusammen Musik macht: Die schicken einem dann nachts um eins solche Links. Großartig, im ersten Moment dachte ich an Postproduction. Und ein wenig später im Video wurde mir klar, dass 'abrocken' und Frisur/Klamotten *doch* nicht von einander losgelöst funktionieren. Bundfaltenhose, Pullunder, Seitenscheitel und Oliba + abrocken = sieht trotzdem scheisse aus. :)))

Achwennskalender #24

Ach, wenn es doch endlich Weihnachten wär!
Im Haus ist alles so heimlich und still. Ob es bald Weihnachten werden will?
Ich freu mich ja auf das Christkind so sehr!
Ach - wenn es doch endlich Weihnachten wär.

Achwennskalender #23

Ach, wenn wir schon Fabeln und Wundergeschichten nötig haben,
so sollen sie wenigstens ein Symbol der Wahrheit sein!
Voltaire / google.de