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I made a thing: Cistercian Numerals Calendar

Recently I discovered the Cistercian Numerals. There were a couple of tweets over the last days that showed the ciphers. I never had heard about this numbering system, but immediatly it grabbed my attention, because it was so simple, but the result looks very interesting. Since there are only a few rules that distinguish the…

Flash Changed How We Communicate - Tom Green

A nice trip down the history road of Flash, now that Adobe ends the Flash support:

I made a thing: CoronaDeathToll

(updated: 20.12.20, see below) As if doomscrolling the grim news of a world in a pandemic wasn't depressing enough, today I had the idea to add (yet another) visualisation around the numbers of deaths that Covid-19 has caused. This was sparked by the boiling the frog effect that the rising daily numbers of deaths seem…

From Gatsby to Eleventy - Amber Wilson

Amber writes about her switching the "motor" of her blog/website. What I really like is the in-depth comparison and reasoning which kind of shows that the "rule of least power" should also be more often applied not only to the technology in general, but for our choice of tools as well. And I admire her…

How to set up local development for Kirby and Tailwind - Brian Liddell

Super helpful recipe for setting up a local development environment on macOS for php, node, postcss, kirbycms and tailwind, with homebrew and the command line.

WordPress Default Themes Look Changes from TwentyTen to TwentyTwenty

Since the recent WordPress auto update incident left all twenty-* default themes in my install, here's a gif how the look changed over the last ten years… Time flies, eh? And yes, there's no "TwentyEighteen" Theme - thanks to the development of the Gutenberg editor, which took longer as expected at first and so the…

WordPress 5.5.3 Update

WordPress Logo an die VW-Fabrik gephotoshopped

Na, heute war aber ordentlich was los in WordPress Updatehausen. Kurz nachdem gestern das WP 5.5.2 Security Update erschien, wurden einige der von mir verwalteten Installationen plötzlich erneut aktualisiert, aber auf eine Alpha Version von WP 5.5.3. Irgendwas haben die da seitens WordPress verbockt, weil sich unbemerkt ein Fehler in die frisch ausgerollte WP 5.5.2…

WordPress 5.5.2 Security Update

WordPress Logo an die VW-Fabrik gephotoshopped

Heute ist ein WordPress Update erschienen, dass einige Sicherheitslücken stopft und auch schon per Auto-Update ausrollt.

img with background-image

Yes, this seems to work*. O_o See the Pen Image with Background Image (yes you read that right) by Tom (@webrocker) on CodePen. I wondered if I could use a background image for a transparent png I used in a recent blog post, and decided to give it a try and not making a wrapper…

Pimp My Site - wmfra.de

(den folgenden Text habe ich für das Blog der Webmontag Frankfurt Website geschrieben und dort zuerst veröffentlicht) "Performance plays a major role in the success of any online venture." - developers.google.com Aufmerksamen Besuchern der WMFRA-Site ist es vielleicht aufgefallen: Die Website lädt schneller als voher und an einigen Details hat sich etwas verändert. Mitte April…

WordPress 5.4.1 Security Update

Colourful pins wih WordPress W logo

Gestern ist ein Sicherheits-Upate für das vor knapp vier Wochen erschienene 5.4er WordPress erschienen, und die Auto-Updates rollen gerade aus. Auch die älteren Versionen, 5.3 und 4.9 bis runter zu 3.7(!) werden versorgt. Also ran an die Updategeräte, falls Ihr Auto-Updates nicht aktiviert habt (weil Teufelszeug und so).

CSS Naked Day 2020

Today my site looks unstyled*. The reason behind the #cssnaked day is: Good sites work, even when the "pretty" visual layer is removed. It is one of the super powers of the web and good html-markup: The elements' browser defaults may not look pretty, but their function is intact. Sadly this functional aspect is often…