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Mike Monteiro - How Designers Destroyed the World

Diesen Vortrag von Mike Monteiro auf der diesjährigen Webstock Konferenz in Neu Seeland sollte sich jeder anschauen.

Webstock '13: Mike Monteiro - How Designers Destroyed the World from Webstock on Vimeo.

Your work is a gift - James Victore @Beyond Tellerrand,27.5.2013

Das hier ist der Vortrag, der mich auf der diesjährigen
Beyond Tellerrand
Konferenz in Düsseldorf
am nachhaltigsten beeindruckt und
mich mächtig zum Nachdenken über meine eigene Einstellung zu meiner
Arbeit mit Kunden gebracht hat:

vimeo directgift

Relativ am Anfang kommt der Satz „…like you, I’m capable of
excellence, I’m capable of this (hält die Hand auf Kopfhöhe), and
most clients are capable of this (hält die Hand in Hüfthöhe), and
I’m so fucking tired of this. So I only work with great people.“
Und genau darum gehts. Um Respekt, Vertrauen und dass ein fettes
Budget oder ein gut bezahlter Job kein Garant dafür ...

Das Gänsebuch von 1510 aus Nürnberg.

Über fünf Ecken bin ich durch Zufall auf dieses Projekt gestossen: Die Pierpont Morgan Library in New York hat zwei mittelalterliche Bücher komplett digitalisiert und online gestellt.

[…] The endeavor focuses on one single work: the lavishly and whimsically illuminated, two-volume li- turgical manuscript known as the Geese Book. Produced in Nuremberg, Germany between 1503 and 1510, this gradual preserves the complete mass liturgy compiled for the parish of St. Lorenz, as it was sung by the choir ...

Happy Halloween

Schöne Grüße von meiner Illustratoren-Butze :-)

Smashing Conference, Freiburg, Germany, September 2012

The first Smashing Conference was the second »web« conference I attended. Having talked with Vitaly Friedman and Marc Thiele at last year's »Beyond Tellerrand«, it was a no-brainer to attend the debut of Smashing Magazine's conference. I was sure that this would be another great opportunity to refill my drained batteries, to catch up with the changes happening in our industry, to get to know in person the likeable people who inhabit my twitter-timeline, well, frankly, to have a good time.

The Findings of the Digital Marketing for Small Agencies Survey

Newfangled, a webdevelopment studio with offices in North Carolina and Rhode Island, interviewed about 300 small agencies about their digital marketing practises.

Last month, we began a survey of the digital marketing practices of small agencies in the United States and elsewhere. The survey contained 132 questions, covering the operations, business practices, websites, content marketing, social media, web development and sales practices of participating firms. The survey respondents provided us with a huge amount of information, which we've organized, analyzed and prepared to share with you below.
- newfangled.com

This is interesting:

59% of the small agencies interviewed are not ...

The Mobile Shift – the end of small studios?

[TL:DR] With the cultural change in processes (agile vs. waterfall), the need to educate clients and partners, and the imperative of working early in processes, small studios may lack the financial resources and manpower to fund this pioneering phase. Big agencies on the other hand have the resources, contacts, and the standing to establish new processes and cross-finance.

Frohes Fest

Ich habe drüben auf meiner Wondertom-Seite eine HTML5/CSS3/Canvas Weihnachtsjahresendgrußkarte zusammengebaut, die ich Euch auch hier nicht vorenthalten möchte.

Ich wünsche Euch alles, was Ihr Euch auch wünscht, bringt den 2011er Dampfer gut ins Trockendock.

LESS is more, more or less

(Updated: please see update at the end of this post)

Inspired by the recent article “Less” on “Stuff & Nonsense” by Andy Clarke (@malarkey), I finally jumped the wagon and had my first round with the CSS-pre-processor Less.

My usecase is a rather large website that changes it’s colour-scheme to complement the look of the corresponding print-magazine, which is published roughly every two to three months.

I have a rather simple colour-scheme, with a solid basecolour and three variants that are basically results of overlaying the base with different transparent whites (50%, 80%,90%), along with some solid white, black ...