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The Web Has Turned

The web has turned and left me here
Just where I was before it appeared
And in its place an empty space
Has filled the void behind my face

I just made love with its sweet memory
One thousand times in my head
it said it loved it more than ever
it said

it remains turned away
Turning further every day

The web has turned and left me here
Just where I was before it appeared
And in its place an empty space
Has filled the void behind my face

I talked for hours to its wallet photograph
And it just listened
it laughed enchanted by my intellect
Or maybe it didn't

it remains turned away
Turning further ...

They don't build them like they used to

Hey, manufacturers of things that have plastic parts, what's going on?

I have an old, but well-kept AKG K518LE headphone and suddenly all the matte plastic parts on the headphone are turning into a sticky gooey mess.

I have a Wacom tablet and the Intuos pen had the same issue - the grip area turned also into a sticky gooey mess last year. I was able to rescue the pen by using an automotive plastic conditioner, but this fails on the AKG phone's plastic parts. It reduced the stickyness, but the plastic parts' surface is detoriating and has little dents and ...

Kam mir spanisch vor

‪Gestern leider ein absurdo Theater miterlebt, was mir erstmal den Bandprobeabend leicht versaut hat.

Am Nebentisch im Aussenbereich der Pizzeria, wo wir uns vor der Probe stärken wollten, hatte eine Dame schon etwas älteren Semesters ziemliche Scheissmusik sehr laut auf ihrem Mobile laufen.
Die umliegenden Gäste waren erst irritiert, dann genervt und schliesslich bat sie einer aus unserer Gruppe, ob sie das bitte leiser machen könnte. Es kam keine Reaktion, offenbar war die Musik so laut, dass sie das nicht hörte, woraufhin er etwas lauter die Frage/Bitte wiederholte.

'Sind wir hier auf dem Friedhof oder was?!' kam die Entgegnung, und ...

All your face are belong to us

Illustration of a smiley left and a skull right, by wondertom.de

Imagine you'd like to build a database with not only every data you usually can get through user interaction with your service and the device where your app has been installed on, but with pictures of your user's faces, too. What a treasure trove in times of face recognition software.

But surely after all those breaches and hacks related to online services, you'd have a very hard time getting to this kind of data, right? Especially when you are based in ...

Red Brauns

What is Braun and makes for an honest good filtered coffee? Right.

Die Zerstörung der CDU - Rezo

Ein Stunde über die zukunfts-fähigkeit und -willen der Altparteien, abgearbeitet an der Union, die in den letzten 36 Jahren 29 Jahre in der Regierung war und, das muss man anhand der hier präsentierten Faktenlage sagen, eine Politik fährt, die unsere Gesellschaft und den Planeten zerstört.

(…) Hier geht es darum, dass diese Parteien extrem gut belegte wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse nicht ernst nehmen, dringliche Warnungen von tausenden Experten einfach ignorieren und im Gegenzug dazu eine zukunftszerstörende, umweltzerstörende und daher lebensverachtende Politik machen, gegen die Gesundheit der Bevölkerung, gegen unser Leben und zum Vorteil irgendwelcher Großkonzerne.

Ansehen, auch wenn Du über 30 ...

Take back your web - Tantek Çelik @ Beyond Tellerrand Conference, Düsseldorf 2019

Empty row of red seats, in the background the Beyond Tellerrand Logo on a mirror above the bar

Watch this. Understand this.

For quite a while now I really think we are at a crucial point in the history of the web.

The Power of Metaphor - Mike Hill @Beyond Tellerrand Conference, Düsseldorf 2019

This talk yesterday kind of illustrated the frame for many of the stories that were told by the talks that followed.

The circle of stories, the archetypes, the whole 'going from the known to the unknown', the 'old self / new self' transformation, the dragon's den… there's a lot of that to be found in the (success) stories about the great creative works that followed on stage.

I love how Marc Thiele curates the talks of Beyond Tellerrand.
It is like putting together a tape for your crush, or making a set list. ...

This is the end of the web as we know it

… and I don't feel fine.

die anstehende beschlossene Urheberrechtsreform der EU; die geplante "EU-Verordnung zur Verhinderung der Verbreitung terroristischer Online-Inhalte", und mal ein paar Newsmeldungen der letzten Tage:

Official EU Agencies Falsely Report More Than 550 Archive.org URLs as Terrorist Content:

Thus, we are left to ask – how can the proposed legislation realistically be said to honor freedom of speech if these are the types of reports that are currently coming from EU law enforcement and designated governmental reporting entities? It is not possible for us to process these reports using human review within a very limited ...