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"The intelligence coup of the century" - The Washington Post


Sometimes my brain works in mysterious ways. is @heydonworks Incluzifer ?discuss — Tom Tinkerson (@webrocker) February 12, 2020


20200202 - the most palindromic date ever

Heute ist ein Palindrome-Day, und was für einer. Nicht nur ist das Datum heute von links und von rechs gelesen identisch (sogar bei den Amis und ihrer Monat/Tag Verdrehung im Datum), nein, auch der Tag im Jahr ist mit 33 ein Palindrom. Und es sind noch 333 Tage übrig dieses Jahr (remember, Schaltjahr). Grund genug,…

Lazy Sunday

Vorher / Nachher

Today, the Trident Era Ends - Christian Schaefer

This is a must-read for all web dev people. Plenty of info on the poineering that was done with Internet Explorer at a time where we, the web tinkerers, weren't quite there yet.

Vox Pop - The Story of Dick Denney and the AC30 amp

Keep on Posting in the Free Web

The news of the shut-down of one of (my) oldest got-to places on the web, the "Fender Discussion Pages", has made me think, again, about how the web has changed. Hey Hey, my my content on the web will never die… I am a strong advocat for 'owning your content' and having a personal web…

RIP Fenderforum

The Fender Discussion Pages have shut down right now, after being online for 20+ years. This forum, not affiliated with the official Fender brand, was active since 1999 and one of my main sources when I got my first Fender Offset Guitar, a Jaguar, around that time. Info on these was so rare back then,…