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Link to post Gezwitscher vom 28.09.2012
  • this is too cool: · http://t.co/uEiD1PRz #js #wow via @nerdcoreblog #
  • geil, beim @nerdcoreblog wird man im footer beschimpft, wenn adblock installiert ist. muahahah http://t.co/C05VAE73 #
  • ! massive js-wtf in code I inherited from the client's old "webdev"agency O_o http://t.co/GWUYTATW #
  • best music to end this workday/week: @thethermals. one of my fav bands ever <3 <3 <3 #
  • does anyone know why there's an "epos.log" in my machine's root? (Darwin, MacOS 10.6.8) which application is writing there? #
  • Why photoshop is not the right tool for responsive design. http://t.co/PLOaUwWX #
  • könnte man nicht die ganze heisse luft aus der kommunikationsbranche für die energiewende nutzen? #

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Link to post Gezwitscher vom 26.09.2012
  • "Our existing web infrastructure is ill-suited for the mobile web." - http://t.co/eWmzvNbj via @brad_frost #
  • pagina retis est divisa in partes tres - css, html, js /cc @maddesigns #
  • is there a way in css3 to target a label element that's before a input with the attr "required"? #
  • Refactoring Typoscript, listening to The Specials… hitting the keyboard in two step rhythm tchk tchk tchk tchk tchk #
  • <3 The Specials ~ https://t.co/AFQvpWBC #
  • "If you want to configure the rendering in the frontend you will have to know typoscript on a pro level." no we're talking. :-) #
  • New DocMartens. #ouch Yes, they want to have some sacrifice before they'll break-in… :-) #
  • dinge, die nur frankfurter verstehen: twittertimelinebaabambeler @weareffm #
  • does your website need to look exactly the same on every browser? google says: NO - https://t.co/DRQTEAyr #
  • this whatsapp security fail is massive. http://t.co/AOEhs2fI #
  • time for breakfa/est https://t.co/IZSOGRJF #useful #
  • clever commentspambots arguing that "your site's not working in internet explorer". in our webdev blog. smart. #artificialintelligence #

Link to post Gezwitscher vom 25.09.2012

Link to post Gezwitscher vom 24.09.2012
  • wow… a windblow just smashed two flowerpots on our balcony. #stormyweather in frankfurt #
  • TYPO3 multidomain /w 9 domains, cal extension and realurl. in case you wonder about my hair getting grey… ^^ #
  • just in time: http://t.co/ptVvXg3R via @trendwalton @smashingmag phew, lots to consider, but. do. it.! #
  • my take on pixel, devicepixel,ppi and your mom: http://t.co/awGP4gOR #rwd #workflawed #

Link to post Gezwitscher vom 23.09.2012

Link to post Gezwitscher vom 22.09.2012
  • re small changes, I love the refresh indicator's elasticism in mail application #iOS6 - I refresh more than before just to see it stretch #
  • iOS6 small changes… now the äöüß are directly accessible on my german keyboard, not hidden under click-hold-drag #
  • .@brad_frost did a great job in summarizing talks at @smashingconf - but who summarized his talk? @foobartel did! #yay http://t.co/MOkOwp0f #
  • oops http://t.co/EaCBBbOd #
  • webdesign follows content, context & function, sadly designers + clients are still looking from the surface only - #yesternet #
  • wer jetzt kein responsive design hat, der baut sich keins mehr #webdevherbst #
  • iOS6 safari is caching $.ajax results?! http://t.co/4kjamYaf #
  • lots of developer relevant changes in iOS6, my head is spinning http://t.co/gDm0Dwz8 #

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