You Are Here -- Friday

Illustration of stick figure on top of the mountain, little away from what seems to be a party of dancing stick figures just a bit higher up on the mountain.

You Are Here -- Thursday

Illustration of stick figure hanging from a cliff atop a snowy mountain. summit seems near.

Unsere Sicherheit ist eine Inszenierung

Mir ist immer noch nicht klar, warum etwa die Vorratsdatenspeicherung der Telefonate meiner Ehefrau mit mir gegen den Terror helfen soll, wenn Anschläge fast immer von einschlägig behördlich bekannten Islamisten begangen werden. Mir ist immer noch nicht klar, warum meine Grundrechte angegriffen und abgebaut werden, wenn eine Person wie Anis Amri frei herumlaufen, Waffen besorgen und behördenbekannt von Anschlägen schwärmen kann.

Sascha Lobo hat sich erneut damit beschäftigt, welche Daten zu den islamistisch motivierten Anschlägen einsehbar sind und wie ...

You Are Here -- Wednesday

Illustration of a stick figure, mid mountain, still some way to go.

Your Are Here -- Monday

Illustration of a tiny stick figure facing a huge steep mountain.

Breaking Out Of The Tetris Mindset - Christian Heilmann @ Beyond Tellerrand Conference, Düsseldorf 2017

Tetronimos by Christian Heilmann

The Beyond Tellerrand Conference keynote by Christian Heilmann resonates with me, much.

I'd never thought being seen as a 'conservative blocker on the right', but obviously, when it comes to the foundational layers of building stuff for the web, I find myself more on the right side of Chris' block chain (although the 'square' would describe my attitude best)....

The new oil

Anselm just published a response* to NYT's "The Big Five tech companies increasingly dominate our lives. Could you ditch them?" quiz.

His personal results seem to be quite similar to what I'd find out. Ditching Apple for example would be way harder for me as, say, ditching Facebook - which I already try to avoid as much as possible, but as Anselm wrote, with friends using Instagram and Whatsapp constantly, there's no way around touching FB from time ...

RIP Chris Cornell

I'm sitting in the office, teary-eyed and listening to this voice, that meant so much to me.

The Secret Life of Comedy - Espen Brunborg @ Beyond Tellerrand Conference, Düsseldorf 2017

This is my favorite talk from this year’s Dusseldorf edition of my favorite conference. Which was brimming with great talks, and to be fair, this “this is my favorite yaddayadda” is highly personal, and a short survey among attending friends showed that one person’s highlight didn’t impress another one and vice versa. Which is the secret sauce of the ...

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