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Why is CSS frustrating? - Robin Rendle

Very good read on the cognitive load CSS seems to put on "real" developers:

The History Of The URL - Zack Bloom

Here's a great read about the history of the URL. (via adactio.com)

Covid-19, your community, and you — a data science perspective

Rick Dees and his Cast of Idiots - Disco Duck @ Top Of The Pops 1976

I have scored a stash of old 7" vinyl singles in various states of detoriation from a house cleaning in the neighbourhood. Most of them are German "Schlager" and "Volksmusik" singles, but there's the occasional gem hidden, too. Like this one This song has a bunch of great videos, and an amazing live perfomance, introduced…

Visitors, Developers, or Machines - Garrett Dimon

Here is food for thought: is the rise and popularity of JavaScript frameworks and, as a result, websites that are less resilient and more user hostile, a product of throwing user experience under the bus for the sake of developer happiness?

Skateboards and Invention - Smithsonian

Das Smithsonian hat kürzlich 2.8 Millionen Bilder in die Public Domain entlassen, samt Website dazu. Beim Stöbern habe ich gerade das Spotlight: Skateboards and Invention gefunden. Nice, auch wenn die Bilder dort *nicht* in CC0 (CreativeCommons 0) stehen, und ich daher auf ein Thumbnail verzichte. Ein Skate-Schwerpunkt und eine Skateboadsammlung im National Museum of American…

WMDEDGT - 29.2.20

Schalttag Posting, weil wäre ja blöd, den 29.02.2020 einfach so verstreichen zu lassen, blogmässig. Wach geworden mit leichten Halsschmerzen. Kaffee gemacht, Internet gelesen. Früher war mehr "ist 'ne Erkältung", heute gibts gleich Panic! At The Disco(unter) - so ziemlich aus jeder Ecke meiner Twitter-Timeline wurde Bilder von leergefegten Supermarktregalen, vor allem Nudeln, Dosenzeug und Klopapier,…

Public Service Announcement

Keep Calm And Wash Hands

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Daði og Gagnamagnið - Gagnamagnið - Söngvakeppnin 2020

Oh Island, Land der wunderlichen Dinge, Sagen und FANTASTISCHER EUROVISIONSONGCONTEST Beiträge. Ich habe mich gerade kollektiv in die Truppe da verliebt. In das Land ja sowieðo. Gibts auch in Englisch, btw.

WordPress’s role in a changing web - Heather Burns

20 minutes very worth your reading time, if you are interested in the open web, and the role large open source projects like WordPress should play in regard of policy making, and the reasons why this is not happening. All the while other interested parties try to shape the regulations that are underway and a…

"The intelligence coup of the century" - The Washington Post