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Khruangbin - NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

youtube direct twang Es ist mal wieder passiert; über drei Ecken und zwei Umwege hat mir der Algorithmus von youtube diese Band aus Texas in den Browser gespült. Und ich muss sagen, dieser Mix aus Ambient, Surf und Khmer/Cambodia Rock gefällt mir richtig gut.

Hystery Repeating…

Here's a string of tweets I wrote this morning, a topic that's dear to me, but I never found the time to make a concise blog post out of it. So for now, the raw bites.
(Not to diss Flash or the Flash-developers or the creative work that got acomplished back then and ...

Verfahrensverzeichnis, am Arsch

Chopper-Dad: Was?! Wieso soll ich ein Verfahrensverzeichnis machen?!!
Chopper-Son: Naja weil Du regelmässig Gehalt zahlst und somit auch Geburtsdatum, Bankverbindung und Religionszugehörigkeit verarbeitest…
Chopper-Dad: Moment mal, wir sind drei Leute und bauen Motorräder, keine Datenhändler, das kann ja wohl so nicht ganz richtig sein!!
Chopper-Son: Das ist egal, denn Du machst diese Verarbeitung eben "nicht nur Gelegentlich"!!!

Das ist alles sowas von nicht lustig gerade… ...

DSGV…oder so

Chopper-Dad: Sag' mal, hast Du da so'n Text, wir müssen was auf meiner Webseite machen, DSGV oder so…
Chopper-Son: Weil ich vor 5 Jahren Deine Webseite gemacht habe, soll ich mich nun mit 44seitigen Musterdatenschutzerklärungen rumschlagen, mal eben schnell?!
Chopper-Dad: Ja wer macht denn hier was mit Web? Das ist doch Dein Job, woher soll ich denn wissen, was da alles auf meiner Seite zu ...

IllHIll - Holger Lamers

In my series of "Thank you"s regarding the community around the Beyond Tellerrand Conference, next is Holger.

Not only has he done one of the epic conference shirt motives himself, but has printed several editions of the yearly shirt editions.

Holger has been on nearly every Beyond Tellerrand conference, with his screen-print machine and fine collection of shirts, caps, sweats, you name it, and for years now we always have some ...

Web Annotation: The Web’s Conversation Layer - Lyza Danger Gardner @ Beyond Tellerrand Düsseldorf 2018

view directly on vimeo

The evolution of Web Annotation mirrors that of the Web itself, in miniature, facing off with some of the same big themes of identity, security, authority and freedom.

Next in line in my series of "thank you" posts is Lyza.

This talk -- or more precisely, the talk's topic -- is far away from the stuff I'm usually dealing with. You know, design, front end, code and applications. And yet, this also something I cherish about ...

The Dangers of Being a Web Developer - Jens Oliver Meiert @ Beyond Tellerrand Düsseldorf 2018

view directly on vimeo

I've been following Jens' output for over a decade now. Not regulary, but every now and then some of his smart observations and thoughts surface in my information stream.
So I was excited to see his name in the speakers list, and his talk about the pros and cons of being a web worker did resonate with me.

So thank you Jens, for reminding me why I am doing this for two decades now. And again, ...

Eight Years Beyond Tellerrand

This will be a short blog post, because I want to get out some thoughts as quickly as possible, not waiting for that time that never comes in which I sit and craft a well written lengthy text.
Which is why I didn't blog for some years now after I visited ...