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Tick, Trick und Scheisstrack

Jetzt also #deletefacebook? Hm. Ich finde es ja einerseits gut, dass endlich (endlich?) mal die Diskussion darüber aufkommt, was Facebook (hier stellvertretend für alle Datenmolkereien genannt) so eigentlich als Geschäftsmodell entwickelt hat. Andererseits geht mir die Kritik an der massiven Profilisierung noch nicht weit genug; immerhin ist Facebook in der Lage, über jeden Besucher einer...

Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me

Rockwell hat 1984 die aktuellen Probleme mit den "Social" Networks, Cloudservices und der Monetarisierung von personenbezogenen Daten vorhergesehen und in einen Song verpackt. 1984.

29 Jahre www

We should work toward a universal linked information system, in which generality and portability are more important than fancy graphics techniques and complex extra facilities.www.w3.org

… warum zur Hölle darf ich mich auch in 2018 noch immer mit "Gestaltern" rumschlagen, die nicht verstehen (wollen), dass Design für Web wesentlich mehr ist, als schöne Screens zu entwerfen?



Marmozets - Major System Error

Das hier hat mir der DJ youtube gerade mit seiner Autoplay Funktion reingespült, nachdem ich irgendwann vor ein paar Stunden mit "Turbowolf" eingestiegen bin, und auch wenns etwas kommerzt, finde ich den Song gerade sehr ohrwurmig:

Wem es auch gefällt, empfehle ich den 2015er Reading Auftritt zur Ansicht, das rumpelt doch sehr bekömmlich :-)

R.I.P. Mark E. Smith

Mark E. Smith 1990, by Masao Nakagami, cc-by-sa

Mark E Smith 1990, Photo: Masao Nakagami | cc-by-sa

It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Mark E. Smith. He passed this morning at home. A more detailed statement will follow in the next few


Businessmen – Slingshot Lady

Neues aus dem Dunstkreis von FREEZEEBEE! Nico, einer der beiden Sänger/Gitarristen der ehemals fettesten frankfurter Band, hat nach Jahren der Abstinenz nun wieder eine Band am Start, und die legen gleich mal ordentlich einen auf \m/

vimeo direct spatzeschleuder

Syndicate some Blogposts from WordPress to Kirby with the REST API

New year, old problems, new Website -- this was my reasoning during the christmas holidays, and so I decided to completly wipe my "About me" website, making it a simple hub of my diverse activities and interests instead of the old "hey, look how cool experienced I am, come work with me and give me all your money" thing.
I decided to build the site with Kirby, a lovely file based CMS which I have used in the past (for example to drive our Frankfurt Open Device Lab website). Kirby is very flexible, has a stellar documentation, a nice API, and makes zero assumptions on how you want to build your site, and besides being file based, it offers a very customizable backend, if need be.

Now, one of the things I wanted on the new site was a way to display the latest posts from here, my blog, but only those relating to the topics of Design, Webdevelopment and the like.

With a little bit of diving into the WordPress REST API, this turned out to be a fairly simple task for my Kirby-site. Basically this REST API allows me to "get" the infos needed on various objects of my WordPress site, by calling the API's entry points and telling it what I want.

The Laws of UX

A very neat collection of (web) design principles , such as "Jacob's Law":

"Users spend most of their time on other sites. This means that users prefer your site to work the same way as all the other sites they already know."

Laws of UX is a collection of the key maxims that designers must consider when building user interfaces.lawsofux.com

Matthias Ott: Saving your web workflows with prototyping

Oh, Matthias did it again: Publishing one of his thorough articles on the challenges of designing/working with "the web".
It is again one of those articles that I'd wished to have written myself, because it echoes my thoughts (and my frustration) about the unfitting ways I am forced to work in when I'm doing client or agency-work. This feeling of not using the medium to its full potential, because the people involved in "the job" are focussing on the superficial and ...