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TIL: TYPO3 TypoScript conditions / include files gotchas

Today I struggled with a problem concerning TypoScript conditions and included files. ‪I'm wrestling with TYPO3 for about 16 years now, and yet sometimes the most basic stuff trips me, like accidently creating nested conditions by including TypoScript files inside a condition‬. In a setup.typoscript file I had several includes, and additionally I wanted to…

Frank Turner - 1933

The lyrics of this song; this mirrors how I feel about the state of affairs on our spinning rock for the last years. Make. This. Loud.

Vox Pop - The Story of Dick Denney and the AC30 amp

Twelve Million Phones, One Dataset, Zero Privacy - The New York Times

Keep on Posting in the Free Web

The news of the shut-down of one of (my) oldest got-to places on the web, the "Fender Discussion Pages", has made me think, again, about how the web has changed. Hey Hey, my my content on the web will never die… I am a strong advocat for 'owning your content' and having a personal web…

RIP Fenderforum

The Fender Discussion Pages have shut down right now, after being online for 20+ years. This forum, not affiliated with the official Fender brand, was active since 1999 and one of my main sources when I got my first Fender Offset Guitar, a Jaguar, around that time. Info on these was so rare back then,…

BahnMining - David Kriesel @36c3, Leipzig 2019

Extrem sehenswerter Statistik-Vortrag zu einer Auswertung der Daten, die David Kriesel knapp ein Jahr lang aus den Fahrplan- und Änderungs-APIs der Deutschen Bahn gesammelt hat. Direktlink | Folien etc Aber fast noch sehens- und bedenkenswerter sind seine Worte zum Abschluss der Vortrags und dem Ausklang der Dekade (ab Minute 47:00): [die maßgebliche gesellschatliche Veränderung der…

1978: Hoimar von Dittfurth demonstriert den Treibhaus-Effekt.

… aber anscheinend hat niemand zugehört. Die Kommentare unter dem Youtube Video lassen ahnen, dass man auch 40 Jahre später nicht wirklich weiter gekommen ist.

WordPress 5.3.2 Maintenance Release

WordPress Logo an die VW-Fabrik gephotoshopped