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Warming Stripes - Germany

Annual temperatures in Germany from 1881-2017. The colour scale goes from 6.6°C (dark blue) to 10.3°C (dark red). This set of visualisations highlight how we have witnessed temperatures change across the globe over the past century or more. The colour of each stripe represents the temperature of a single year, ordered from the earliest available...

Markup, friends, markup

This morning a tweet by Heydon Pickering landed in my timeline, where he quoted a text that started 10 things to learn for becoming a solid full-stack JavaScript developer, only to include a paragraph As for HTML, there's not much to learn right away and you can kind of learn as you go, but before making your frist templates, know the difference between in-line elements like <span> and how they differ from block ones like <div>.

Heydon aptly commented this ...

Random Reykjavík-Pics

Sun Voyager is a sculpture by Jón Gunnar Árnason, in front of low lying grey clouds

Just some snaps while walking around downtown and the harbor area.

The Eagle has Icelanded


Apache mod_rewrite Voodoo

This is a short documentation of a very strange unexpected behaviour I encountered in a current project.

Bob Mould - Sunshine Rock

youtube directsonne

Reset properties and values from a scss mixin

CSS code on screen

How do you 'unset' changes that a mixin has introduced to an element?

TLDR: use a reset parameter in the mixin.


Hecke mit roten Weinblättern, ein abgestorbener Baum, vor blauem Himmel

Machs gut und Danke für alles, liebe SPEX

Die Nachricht kam für mich heute relativ überraschend: Die SPEX Redaktion wirft das Handtuch und das Heft wird nach 38 Jahren eingestellt.

Ich habe ein SPEX Abo seit Ende der 80er Jahre, und oft wurde ich deshalb von meinen eher rock-orientierten Mitmusikern und Bekannten dafür belächelt. Ja, die SPEX Autorinnen konnten schon immer prächtig herumschwurbeln und oft hatte man das ...