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TYPO3 6.2 content image in Typoscript

Here are a few lines of TypoScript code that really took me a long time to get to.

In TYPO3 4.x, I would fetch an image which is inserted on a certain page as a normal content element (CE) and use it for example as an site wide header image.
In this example, the image in question is located in the backend column 'left' (id 1) on the root page of the site, the PID of that page is stored in a TS-variable {$home_dir}, since I change it further down the page tree via TS-constants.
TYPO3 4.x
temp.headerimg < styles.content.getLeft
temp.headerimg {

TYPO3 6.2: Image auf Seite auslesen - Rätsel

(Mittlerweile ist es gelöst, siehe Update(s) weiter unten)

Ok, ich geb's auf.

Ich probiere nun seit Tagen, auf einer aus 4.7 aktualisierten TYPO3 6.2 Version von dem contentAdapter=1 weg zu kommen, um in den vollen Genuss der TYPO3 Frontend-Performance zu kommen und die Seite, bzw meine alten TypoScripte, zukunftssicher zu bekommen.

Wieder einmal stehe ich vor einem (TYPO3)rätsel, in dem eine auf den ersten Blick total simple Anforderung auch im x-ten Anlauf nicht funktionieren will.
Die Ausgangslage
Ich habe auf der der Root-Seite der Webseite einen normalen, vom Redakteur pflegbaren Content-Record vom Typ Image, in der Backend-Spalte mit der ID=1.

Ich möchte dieses ...

TYPO3 sys_category bug after upgrade from 6.1 to 6.2

After a recent update from TYPO3 6.1 to 6.2 on a site that makes use of the new sys_category function, I noticed a strange behaviour:

Even though categories were shown in the front end and, if viewed with the list tool in the backend, also showed as defined, they were not selected on their according pages.

In page-edit view, the pages would not have their categories attached - none of the categories were checked. But the correct categories were shown on these pages in the front end.

Back in the list view of the categories, a click on info on a ...

Notes from the trench: Updating a TYPO3 4.5 installation to version 6.2

What is this about?
Currently I'm in the process of updating a fairly simple website from the now outdated "Long Time Version" 4.5 to it's successor, 6.2.
Since I consider myself as not-the-top-notch-but-not-so-dumb kind of TYPO3 maintainer, and I ran in some issues that surprised me (and I didn't find answers right away), maybe someone will find this useful. I try to document my plans, how it went and what errors on my or other sides occurred
1. Going local
Since the update is announced as non-trivial, I thought it best to create a local test version. I tar-ed the live ...