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Top 10 Webdesign Mistakes of 2021 - Jakob Nielsen

Man holding a sign saying #2 slow response time

this talk by Jakob Nielsen is 20 minutes well worth your time. Here's a spoiler for no. 2… Wait for number one.

Using Framework Powers For Good - Marcus Herrmann

Marcus has compiled a great collection of ways how (js) frameworks, which are often blamed for being responsible for unaccessible sites, can actually help in getting things right, a11y-wise.

Fighting uphill - Eric Bailey

Accessibility, The Free Market, and Punching Nazis While Sitting Down – Heydon Pickering

By characterizing disability as a discrete ‘target’ group, the aim is to excuse the creation of products and services which do not cater for disability. “Oh I’m not making things for disabled people. But I’m sure someone else is, don’t worry. Such-and-such law of economics states it must be so.” Disability does not work that…

Inclusive Design Patterns - Heydon Pickering

I find myself falling down deeper and deeper inside the rabbit hole that my profession as a designer for the web is. The more complex, daunting and exciting the task gets to make something work on an unknown number of devices, for users with a wide range of technical, physical and mental capabilities in an…

Webkongress Erlangen 2016

Ich hatte die Ehre und das Vergnügen, auf dem #wke2016 zu sprechen. Im Vorfeld verfluchte ich meine leichtsinnige Zusage, da etwas zum Track "HTML5 - Back to the Roots" beizutragen und ein wenig zu Progressive Enhancement zu erzählen. Oder eben: Mit den Urbausteinen des Web statt dagegen zu arbeiten. Auch wenn es nicht das erste Mal…