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Writing Less Damned Code - Heydon Pickering @Beyond Tellerrand Conference, Berlin 2016

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Concatenating, minifying, compressing, caching: all serviceable ways to improve the performance of web interfaces. But none are as effective as not coding something in the first place. Code that don't exist is infinitely performant and extremely easy to maintain and document. This talk will identify some examples of front-end code that are either not needed at all, make the interface worse just by being there, or can be replaced by something much, much simpler. Say hello to unprogressive non-enhancement.

Less is Less!

Let Us Now Praise Ordinary People - Mike Monteiro @Beyond Tellerrand Conference, Berlin 2016

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Mike Monteiro. Nails. It. Again.

Beyond Tellerrand 2016 - Matthias Ott

Matthias wrote a nice summary of this year's Beyond Tellerrand Conference in Düsseldorf:

[…] During the four days at the IndieWebCamp and beyond tellerand, I got to know so many nice and interesting people, and enjoyed the most diverse and inspiring talks, so that I left Düsseldorf deeply satisfied and full of new ideas (although they are only new combinations of old ones…). Thanks to everyone I had the chance to meet!
Matthias Ott

Since my first visit of this conference six years ago, this impression has deepened; the way (then) total strangers welcomed me at the first evening's warm-up, ...

Time + Creativity – Christopher Murphy @ Beyond Tellerrand, Düsseldorf 2016

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For one reason or the other, this talk resonated very much with me. The question of how much time we have (left) available and how to spend it, definitely worth your time.

Beyond Tellerrand 2016 Opening Titles

Surf Baby, surf :-)

Indiewebcamp Düsseldorf

Indiewebcamp Logo stickers

After having a splendit time last weekend helping and participating at the Indiewebcamp Nuremberg (as a result of which I know have a 'progressive web app' where before there was only my website ;), I changed my travel plans around the visit of the Beyond Tellerrand conference, and will attend the next Indiewebcamp in Düsseldorf. Yay!
Eager and happy to meet 'Die drei von der Indiewebtankstelle' (Aaron, Tantek and Jeremy) again, and also Joschi and the other attendees in just ...

Beyond Tassenrand

Der heutige Daily Sketch geht raus an die tollen Leute, die ich in den letzten Jahren kennenlernen durfte, seitdem ich zum ersten Mal aus meiner Komfortzone raus und auf eine Konferenz gegangen bin. Ihr rockt. :)

Brad Frost - Style Gude Best Practices @ Beyond Tellerrand Berlin

Brad Frost - Style Guide Best Practices - btconfBER2015 from beyond tellerrand on Vimeo.


So. Endlich. Nach ziemlich genau 18 Jahren bin ich tatsächlich über meinen Schatten gesprungen und mal wieder im dicken B, oben an der Spree, denn die werte Webfrickelgemeinschaft findet sich im Admiralspalast ein und begeht die erste 'Beyond Tellerrand' Konferenz in Berlin. Grund genug also, sich in den Zug zu setzen und in diese Hauptstadt zu eiern.

Erster Eindruck, nachdem wir uns aus unserer Bleibe in Mitte Richtung Friedrichstraße aufgemacht hatten: Alter Schwede, hier hat sich aber einiges getan! Und das liegt nicht nur an dem ausgesprochen ...

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