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The Power of Metaphor - Mike Hill @Beyond Tellerrand Conference, Düsseldorf 2019

This talk yesterday kind of illustrated the frame for many of the stories that were told by the talks that followed.

The circle of stories, the archetypes, the whole 'going from the known to the unknown', the 'old self / new self' transformation, the dragon's den… there's a lot of that to be found in the (success) stories about the great creative works that followed on stage.

I love how Marc Thiele curates the talks of Beyond Tellerrand.
It is like putting together a tape for your crush, or making a set list. ...

Web Annotation: The Web’s Conversation Layer - Lyza Danger Gardner @ Beyond Tellerrand Düsseldorf 2018

view directly on vimeo

The evolution of Web Annotation mirrors that of the Web itself, in miniature, facing off with some of the same big themes of identity, security, authority and freedom.

Next in line in my series of "thank you" posts is Lyza.

This talk -- or more precisely, the talk's topic -- is far away from the stuff I'm usually dealing with. You know, design, front end, code and applications. And yet, this also something I cherish about Beyond Tellerrand conference: To get a glimpse of what lies, well, beyond the Tellerrand, the own horizon and sometimes ...

The Dangers of Being a Web Developer - Jens Oliver Meiert @ Beyond Tellerrand Düsseldorf 2018

view directly on vimeo

I've been following Jens' output for over a decade now. Not regulary, but every now and then some of his smart observations and thoughts surface in my information stream.
So I was excited to see his name in the speakers list, and his talk about the pros and cons of being a web worker did resonate with me.

So thank you Jens, for reminding me why I am doing this for two decades now. And again, that I am not alone, even though I often feel isolated when working in clients work, feeling like I ...

Eight Years Beyond Tellerrand

This will be a short blog post, because I want to get out some thoughts as quickly as possible, not waiting for that time that never comes in which I sit and craft a well written lengthy text.
Which is why I didn't blog for some years now after I visited Marc Thieles phantastic event, even though I managed to be at least once in a year at one iteration of this very special conference.

So what has changed?

Well, nothing really, it is just that I want to ...

Indiewebcamp Düsseldorf

Right now I'm sitting in the very (very!) nice atrium of Sipgate GmbH in Düsseldorf, and the #Indiewebcamp just started.

Aaron, Tantek, Jeremy, and other Indiewebcampers are demoing their websites, and -- surprise -- there is a picture of me in good company, having a good time, on Jeremy's site.
I'm excited to be here, kicking off the first of this spring's Beyond Tellerrand events.

Let's see what today and tomorrow will bring…

All My Clients Drive Me Crazy - The Beyond Tellerrand Singers feat. Stefan Sagmeister

Danach fühlt man sich wirklich besser. Eines der Highlights des ersten Tags der ersten Berliner Ausgabe der Beyond Tellerrand Konferenz.

Chris Coyier - SVG Is For Everybody @ Beyond Tellerrand, 2014

Das hier ist einer der Vorträge der diesjährigen BeyondTellerrand Konferenz, der dieses "Wow, das will ich auch und sofort in meine Projekte einbauen" Gefühl hinterlassen hat:

Chris Coyier – SVG Is For Everybody – beyond tellerrad Düsseldorf 2014 from beyond tellerrand on Vimeo.

Das SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Format gibt es schon eeeewig, aber erst seitdem die hochauflösenden Displays munter auf dem Gerätemarkt mitmischen und Webdesigner/Entwickler vor das Problem stellen, entweder hohauflösende und somit datenschwere Bilder an die Endgeräte auszuliefern und so je nach NEtzanbindung schlechte ...

Mein Soundtrack zum Anwärmen der Konferenz, die über den Rand des Tellers schaut

Meine persönliche kleine Liebserklärung an die Konferenz der Herzen: knapp fünf Stunden Destillat aus meiner Musikbibliothek, quer durch den musikalischen Garten, erwartungsgemäss ziemlich 90er/00er lastig: Songs For The Dev! :-)