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Wired: Facebook bug could have let advertisers get your phone number

Facebook tells users that giving the company their mobile phone number will help keep their account secure. Until a few weeks ago, however, the social network’s self-service ad-targeting tools could be massaged into revealing a Facebook user’s cellphone number from their email address. The same flaw made it possible to collect phone numbers for Facebook users who had visited a particular webpage.wired.com

Oh wow. This is why I was very reluctant to give platforms access to my phone number, and still have a bad feeling for the few where I enabled 2fa with a phone ...

TYPO3 sys_category bug after upgrade from 6.1 to 6.2

After a recent update from TYPO3 6.1 to 6.2 on a site that makes use of the new sys_category function, I noticed a strange behaviour:

Even though categories were shown in the front end and, if viewed with the list tool in the backend, also showed as defined, they were not selected on their according pages.

In page-edit view, the pages would not have their categories attached - none of the categories were checked. But the correct categories were shown on these pages in the front end.

Back in the list view of the categories, a click on info on a ...

WordPress Woes

Die WP 2.5.1 Version, das jüngste Bugfix-Release der 2.5er Reihe, hat einen - Bug.

Unter Umständen kann die neue Verschlüsselung des Passworts den Blog-User aussperren, wenn ich das hier richtig verstanden habe...

Gnarf. Super, dass davon nichts auf der offiziellen Seite steht. Die sind wohl alle noch zu sehr mit Geburtstagfeiern beschäftigt.