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Where Does The Design Agency Go From Here? - Paul Woods/Edo van Dijk

(…) Design is no longer just about design.
Design doesn’t mean making visual solutions. Digital doesn’t mean being a web monkey, producing only websites and apps. Such developments as the rise of artificial intelligence, screenless design and accessibility to great website-building tools like Squarespace mean that the agency that interprets digital design as “making websites and apps” is going to be out of business—and soon. To provide relevant design solutions, the modern agency needs to have business consultancy, copywriting, technology and analytics capabilities under one roof, and most important, these capabilities have to work together—not in silos.commarts.com

Advice for Companies Fighting Ad Blockers - TJ van Toll

(…) Publishers that believe they can convince ad blocker users to turn off a tool that protects their privacy and data plans need to realize they’re on the wrong side of history. Respect your users or you’ll lose them.

The Findings of the Digital Marketing for Small Agencies Survey

Newfangled, a webdevelopment studio with offices in North Carolina and Rhode Island, interviewed about 300 small agencies about their digital marketing practises.

Last month, we began a survey of the digital marketing practices of small agencies in the United States and elsewhere. The survey contained 132 questions, covering the operations, business practices, websites, content marketing, social media, web development and sales practices of participating firms. The survey respondents provided us with a huge amount of information, which we've organized, analyzed and prepared to share with you below.
- newfangled.com

This is interesting:

59% of the small agencies interviewed are not ...

Mobile Shift - The End of Small Studios?

Diese Frage habe ich mir und anderen drüben in unserem englischsprachigen Blog auf welearned.net gestellt.

The benefit of having small overheads, fast communications and an overall agile culture should put small studios ahead of the game in an industry that’s rapidly changing, right?
But instead, the Mobile Shift requires teamwork in a scale that small studios often will not be able to deliver. Small studios will not be the communication hub in processes if another studio or agency is involved. Once detached from the communication hub, the small studio’s role will again be in the “do it as you’re told”-corner.


The Mobile Shift – the end of small studios?

[TL:DR] With the cultural change in processes (agile vs. waterfall), the need to educate clients and partners, and the imperative of working early in processes, small studios may lack the financial resources and manpower to fund this pioneering phase. Big agencies on the other hand have the resources, contacts, and the standing to establish new processes and cross-finance.