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endlich habe ich meinen Facebook Account gelöscht. Anfang des Jahres hatte ich bereits sämtliche Aktivitäten dort eingestellt, alle meine Inhalte gelöscht.

Wobei, "gelöscht" bei Facebook heisst ja nur, es ist für mich und andere nicht mehr sichtbar; meine (Meta)Daten und Interaktionen und Verbindungen werden wohl bis zum großen Kometeneinschlag in hoffentlich ferner Zukunft auf irgendwelchen Facebookservern liegen bleiben und auch weiterhin deren toxisches Businessmodell anfeuern.

Aber ich will damit entgültig nichts mehr zu tun haben.

How to Build an Atomic Bomb - Mike Monteiro @ Beyond Tellerrand Düsseldorf 2018

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Wow. It was on the historical date of May 8th, that Mike Monteiro held this intense talk, reminding each and everyone who cared to listen of the conseqences and the possible impacts of the "I'm only doing my job here" mentality.

This talk gave me several goose bumps, having seen "5 came back" only recently, and still seeing this one shot of the inside of a german concentration camp, where right after the allied troops went in, a film team documented not only the unimaginable horror and piles of dead and starving ...

The web as a material

The concepts of apprenticeship and mastership seem to not apply on the Web. When it comes to building a house, you will search for a trusted architect and carpenter, and you'll measure their credibility by means of their experience, which in turn will be a matter of the time they spent exercising their craft. On the Web, even the 16-year-old nephew of your neighbour seems to be able of doing the job. Developers tend to call themselves "engineers" without being aware of the public responsibility that this title used to come along with.

My friend and fellow web ...

Going rogue - Jeremy Keith

now we’re into slippery slopes and glass houses. One person might draw the line at creating a Muslim registry. Someone else might draw the line at including any kind of invasive tracking script on a website. Someone else again might decide that the line is crossed by including Google Analytics. It’s moral relativism all the way down. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t draw lines. Of course it’s hard to live in an ideal state of ethical purity—from the clothes we wear to the food we eat to the electricity we use—but a muddy battleground is still capable