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Smashing Conference, Freiburg, Germany, September 2012

The first Smashing Conference was the second »web« conference I attended. Having talked with Vitaly Friedman and Marc Thiele at last year's »Beyond Tellerrand«, it was a no-brainer to attend the debut of Smashing Magazine's conference. I was sure that this would be another great opportunity to refill my drained batteries, to catch up with the changes happening in our industry, to get to know in person the likeable people who inhabit my twitter-timeline, well, frankly, to have a good time.


Da mich die Beyond Tellerrand Konferenz letztes Jahr in Düsseldorf so dermaßen mit Energie und Motivation und überhaupt aufgeladen hat, habe ich mich für den Herbst für die erste Smashingconference in Freiburg angemeldet.

We are delighted to bring you a new event for Web designers and developers — the smashing way. Smashing Magazine and beyond tellerrand teamed up to bring you the very first Smashing Conference — a friendly, valuable and inspiring community event that will help us all become better at what we do.

Besonders freue ich mich ...