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The Joy of the Guitar Riff

youtube direct riffing

An diesem verregneten Sonntagvormittag genau der richtige youtube Zufallsfund: Eine Doku über dieses merkwürdige Ding 'Riff' und dessen Evolution von Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Link Wray, den Kinks, Shadows, Black Sabbath, King Crimson, Runaways, Heart, Chic, und und und bis The Smiths, Sonic Youth, Nirvana und "Seven Nation Army".
Aber auch mit so zutreffenden Aussagen wie: "… by then [mid eighties] the riff had taken a wrong turn and ended in a cock rock cul de sac".


Getting flexible with two speakers in one cabinet

Years ago I found an old Reußenzehn cabinet with two 12" speakers in an old rehearsal room that we cleaned up. Since neither the speakers nor the cabinet beared any markings regarding impedance and wattage, I was reluctant to use this box, and so it kind of hybernated for quite some time now.

In the last weeks I worked on two tube amps, changing power tubes, setting the bias, and one transistor amp, where I repaired a blown power section. So it turned out that I have a need for a relatively small and compact cabinet to test ...