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Flash Changed How We Communicate - Tom Green

A nice trip down the history road of Flash, now that Adobe ends the Flash support:

Why The Web Is Such A Mess - Tom Scott

Screencapture of the video, a bunch of out of focus LEDs from a server rack

This is a very very good video about the web and the tracking mess that we're in. (via @faulancer)

The History Of The URL - Zack Bloom

Here's a great read about the history of the URL. (via adactio.com)

Skateboards and Invention - Smithsonian

Das Smithsonian hat kürzlich 2.8 Millionen Bilder in die Public Domain entlassen, samt Website dazu. Beim Stöbern habe ich gerade das Spotlight: Skateboards and Invention gefunden. Nice, auch wenn die Bilder dort *nicht* in CC0 (CreativeCommons 0) stehen, und ich daher auf ein Thumbnail verzichte. Ein Skate-Schwerpunkt und eine Skateboadsammlung im National Museum of American…

Vox Pop - The Story of Dick Denney and the AC30 amp

CSS Grid Support - Edge now has it, too

Yes! I cannot think of another new spec that has landed in all major browsers in under one year. Over at A List Apart is a very interesting article on the history of the CSS Grid and by whom and how it was made possible. On October 17th, Microsoft’s Edge browser shipped its implementation of…

Going rogue - Jeremy Keith

now we’re into slippery slopes and glass houses. One person might draw the line at creating a Muslim registry. Someone else might draw the line at including any kind of invasive tracking script on a website. Someone else again might decide that the line is crossed by including Google Analytics. It’s moral relativism all the…

We've come a long way, baby

Logical map of Arpanet, May 1973 by Paul Newbury

This morning this picture was shared across my Twitter timeline: It is the logical map of complete 'internet' in 1973, created by Paul Newbury, whose son David (@workergnome) recently shared it on Twitter. Wow, the Arpanet fitted on one single sheet of paper a few decades ago. :) Reminds me again how 'new' this webfangled…

Frankfurt, 1935

Gerade über Bande in meinem Sozialen Netz aufgetaucht: Filmaufnahmen aus der Zeit, bevor der Weltenbrand auch die Frankfurter Altstadt vernichtete direct altstadt/neustadt Besonders berühren mich die Aufnahmen des 'modernen Frankfurt', der Siedlungen unter der Planung von Ernst May - immerhin habe ich fast zehn Jahre in der 'Römerstadt' gewohnt, und es ist schon strange, die…

Common Statement by the Foreign Ministers of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg and the Netherlands, 25/06/2016

Since its creation in 1957 by the six founding Members, the EU has gone a long and successful way. It has reunited Eastern and Western Europe and it has brought about the longest period of peace on our continent in modern times. […] We express our confidence in our common European future. auswaertiges-amt.de

Nützliche Befehle rund um die Bash History

Luckily, the bash shell has some fairly well-developed history functions. Learning how to affectively use and manipulate your bash history will allow you to spend less time typing and more time getting actual work done. digitalocean.com