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Septemeer 2018 – Musik

Woher stammen unsere Lieblingshaustiere – Teil 1

Comicillustration einer Palme mit Augenpaaren drin, dazu eine Sprechblase mit 'Wiff!'

Die Dackelpalme.

IllHIll - Holger Lamers

In my series of "Thank you"s regarding the community around the Beyond Tellerrand Conference, next is Holger.

Not only has he done one of the epic conference shirt motives himself, but has printed several editions of the yearly shirt editions.

Holger has been on nearly every Beyond Tellerrand conference, with his screen-print machine and fine collection of shirts, caps, sweats, you name it, and for years now we always have some chats in the breaks, and usually I find myself with the urge to buy something off his table sooner ...


Drüben beim Illustratoren-Alter-Ego gibts eine hybsche Frühlingspostkarte zu erstehen. #justsayin ;-)

Schöne Ostern, Ihr Herzchen.

You Are Here -- Sunday

Illustration of stick figure cleaning up the mess after the party on top of the mountain.

You Are Here -- Friday

Illustration of stick figure on top of the mountain, little away from what seems to be a party of dancing stick figures just a bit higher up on the mountain.

You Are Here -- Thursday

Illustration of stick figure hanging from a cliff atop a snowy mountain. summit seems near.

You Are Here -- Wednesday

Illustration of a stick figure, mid mountain, still some way to go.

Your Are Here -- Monday

Illustration of a tiny stick figure facing a huge steep mountain.