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The indieweb privacy challenge (webmentions, silo backfeeds, and the GDPR) - Sebastian Greger

A thorough article on the current challenges, technically and ethically, regarding the use of elsewhere published public data that can be regarded as 'personal data' in the GDPR/DSGVO sense. Data that will be published for example by pulling in likes, shares and comments posted on Twitter here in my blog, as 'reactions' alongside with 'real' comments on my posts.

As Sebastian writes

Just the fact that I can aggregate a “facepile” showcasing everybody who clicked “like” on a tweet of mine does not mean that my motivations for doing so are more important than their right to stay in control


Stell’ Dir vor, Du löschst sieben Jahre Inhalt und keiner merkts

Wisst Ihr was interessant ist? Ich habe vor gut zwei, drei Wochen meine kompletten selbst erstellten Inhalte auf Facebook gelöscht*.
Alle Posts, Shares, Fotos etc; 7 Jahre Material.

Gestern mal in der Kohlenstoffwelt nachgefragt, von meinen ‘Freunden’ hat es niemand bemerkt.
In dem ganzen Gerausche kuckt eh niemand auf die Profile/Seiten, sondern nur auf das gerade im Moment in die Timeline gespülte Stück.

Deshalb ist es so schade, wenn Inhalte/Gedanken ausschliesslich in diesen Aufmerksamkeitsschredder geworfen werden, was leider die Mehrheit so macht.

Ich breche eine Lanze für die eigene Domain als Platz für den eigenen Kram. Und dann halt Inhalte in die ...

Jeremy Keith - Building Blocks of the Indie Web @ View Source Conf

youtube permalink

The Web began dying in 2014, here's how - André Staltz

It looks like nothing changed since 2014, but GOOG and FB now have direct influence over 70%+ of internet traffic.
(…) GOOG’s goal is to gather as much rich data as possible, and build AI. Their mission is to have an AI provide timely and personalized information to us, not specifically to have websites provide information.
(…) The Web and the internet have represented freedom: efficient and unsupervised exchange of information between people of all nations. In the Trinet, we will have even more vivid exchange of information between people, but we will sacrifice freedom. Many of us will wake


... hm. this homebrew club tonite in nuremberg is about websites, not beer -- quite a change to the recent evenings here :-D Currently tweaking my postie/#indieweb workflow: Test, test, one-two. #tollweek

I'm attending Homebrew Website Club Nuremberg #tollweek @tollwerk #indieweb
Come and hack some fun with us :-)

Just a quick test if my postie integration still works and could be used as a posting interface for status type posts, and trigger brid.gy to share this in silos.

short status; "link back" set to 'show'…

Sorry to miss out on the 2016 IndieWeb Summit, but wishing everybody attending a jolly good time

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