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Add class attribute to WordPress "the_tags" markup

I'm in the process of gradually enhancing my site's markup with microformats, in order to "indiewebify" my site further.
On thing I noticed while working on this at the Düsseldorf Indiewebcamp, is that WordPress (or the way my theme handles) tags on posts has no way to get an additional class inside the link markup. I noticed this while POSSEing to flickr -- my categories were transferred, my tags not so much, because the class="p-category" was missing. I found a way to modify the the_tags output by hooking into WP's term_links-$taxonomy filter in my theme's function.php.

Maybe there's a smarter ...

Indiewebcamp Nuremberg

I'm going to the Indiewebcamp Nuremberg, which will start today. :)


Nach dem HTTPSamstag am, nun, Samstag, habe ich mir gestern die Seite noch mal unter ein paar Aspekten des Indiewebs angesehen. Denn ich werde wohl zur Nürnberg Webweek nach, nun, Nürnberg, eilen und mich zum dortigen Indiewebcamp begeben. Und da will man ja nicht so komplett mit runtergelassener Webseitenhose da stehen. Zum Glück habe ich die Seite indiewebify.me entdeckt, und obwohl meine Seite schon seit der letzten Border:none in, nun, auch Nürnberg, einigermaßen mit Indiewebmarkup bestückt durchs Web segelt, gab es da noch zwei, drei Stellen, die Nacharbeit vertragen konnten.
Dabei habe ich das komplette Markup des ...

Fiddling with the Indie Web, pt4

Wow, Steward Langridge, inventor of the pingback mechanism, has enabled webmentions on his blog, as he tweeted just a couple of hours ago.

I think this is great signal for the webmention idea, and reminds me to keep on tweaking the webmention/indie web thing here in my blog, where I have the comfort of using a set of WordPress plugins that take care of the more complicated stuff that's going on in the background.
Steward in contrast uses a static site generator and seems to have found a way ...

Babysteps in IndieWeb, pt3

Next up is the test if I can pull in comments from silos like Facebook or Twitter back to the blog post that got shared there. Let's raise the voodoo bar a bit now…

this on twitter

Babysteps in IndieWeb, pt2

This is just a test, if my webmention endpoint actually is working. If not, I'll better apply for an account at webmention.io :-)

Babysteps in IndieWeb

The second day of the 2014 Border:None conference sees me sitting in a brewery cellar, and putting some h-entry and other microformats in the good ol' webrocker theme. Somewhat embarrising is having Mr Jeremy Keith looking at the source code which actually is kind of, hm, messy, having grown more or less organically for more than years since the last refactoring :-). But since this here right now is primarily to test if and how this notification voodoo works, I have to live with it for the moment. :-) So here's a link to Aarons post ...