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Today the german hosting company "domainFactory" (dF) announced that they will stop supporting the old PHP Versions 4 and 5. dF is one of the last providers to do so.

So this comes as no surprise and I've been waiting for this moment for quite a while now: We have a couple of $clients that are running an old Version of the CMS "TYPO3" on hosting packages at domainFactory, and who won't update to a newer version, no matter how often we advised them. We have discussed, we pleaded, we stated more than once how important it ...

From hexcodes to eyeballs

A great article diving into the maths and physics of colour reception and reproduction.

… an exploration of electromagnetic radiation, optical biology, colorimetry, and display hardware …jamie-wong.com

Learnui.design: The HSB Color System: A Practicioner's Primer

We’re going to cover what H, S, and B are, and then I’m going to tell you about why this is the single-best color system in wide usage, plus some intricacies of using it in day-to-day digital design.

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CSS Basics

Pfft. Da macht man (ich) seit Jahren, fast Jahrzehnten, mit diesem CSS-Zeugs rum, denkt, dass man den Krams eigentlich ganz gut verstanden hat und im Griff hat. Klar, manchmal passieren komische Sachen, die man nicht so direkt versteht oder nachvollziehen kann, dann stochert man ein bisschen rum, sucht sich ähnliche Probleme und/oder Hinweise zusammen, fixt den Kram oder lässt von der konkreten Idee ab und nimmt einen anderen Weg zum Ziel. Und dann gibt es so AHA Momente, meistens völlig unerwartet und ohne Vorwarnung -- einen solchen hatte ich heute früh, als mir Jens Linksammlung durch die Morgentimeline ...

The difference between minification and gzipping

[…] these two things are distinctly different. If you didn't already know that, it's worth understanding.

Nützliche Befehle rund um die Bash History

Luckily, the bash shell has some fairly well-developed history functions. Learning how to affectively use and manipulate your bash history will allow you to spend less time typing and more time getting actual work done. digitalocean.com

Git for Complete Beginners

Through Anselm Hannemann's newsletter 'Web Development Reading List' I found this very informative and easy to follow step-by-step guide to Git:

The goal of this book is to get you started with version control and Git as quickly and easily as possible. Unlike other books about this topic, this one doesn't require a master's degree in computer science to read it. It's aimed at beginners of programming, at designers, at project managers... It tries not to require too much prior knowledge on the technical side. It tries to go


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24ways: »Science!« - Jon Tan (@jontangerine) über wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse, die Designentscheidungen unterstützen

webkrauts: »Start frei« - Das Team der webkrauts mit Empfehlungen für Berufseinsteiger