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Breaking Out Of The Tetris Mindset - Christian Heilmann @ Beyond Tellerrand Conference, Düsseldorf 2017

Tetronimos by Christian Heilmann

The Beyond Tellerrand Conference keynote by Christian Heilmann resonates with me, much.

I'd never thought being seen as a 'conservative blocker on the right', but obviously, when it comes to the foundational layers of building stuff for the web, I find myself more on the right side of Chris' block chain (although the 'square' would describe my attitude best).

Again, this talk is very much worth your time, and don't forget to read the corresponding blog post, which goes deeper into the topic.

(…) There’s


Mike Monteiro: What Clients don't Know (And Why It's Your Fault)

Das ist so mit das Beste, was ich bislang zum Thema "Designer < --> Kunde" gesehen habe:

Wahnsinn, wie exakt meine Situation und meine Probleme sich darin wieder finden. Das Beste kommt zum Schluss, und wer meine Twittertimeline kennt, der versteht, warum ich da gerade sehr aufmerke:

[…] but "hope" is not a design-word. We hope that clients show up at our door, carrying the knowledge that's took us so long to build up for ourself, or worse, we have an incomplete idea of what the job actually entails. And when our clients don't behave