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The Aesthetic Of Non-Opinionated Content Management: A Beginner’s Guide To ProcessWire – Francesco Schwarz

An great overview and introduction to my favorite CMS, by Francesco on Smashing Magazine:

I think what resonates with a lot of people is that ProcessWire is a system that goes from simple to complex, not the other way around. It doesn’t assume what you want to build, but instead lays a strong, non-opinionated foundation by offering you effective, powerful tools and leaving the rest to you. That conceptual aesthetic has, to me, a certain appeal to it.smashingmagazine.com

I like the term "non-opinionated content management" to describe how ProcessWire will not make any assumptions on how you ...

Rootline HTML page title for ProcessWire

At the moment my favorite tool for custom tailored web sites is ProcessWire.

If you never heard about it before, it is a very clever piece of PHP-based Content Management System/Framework with a very powerful but intuitive API which plays very nicely along with other applications. I have build (or was involved in) projects based on ProcessWire from small personal to large corporate and e-commerce sites, over the last two years and it has turned out to be a really great and flexible tool.

Here is a little snippet I just submitted to processwire-recipes.com since I use this ...