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Just a quick test if my postie integration still works and could be used as a posting interface for status type posts, and trigger brid.gy to share this in silos.

short status; "link back" set to 'show'…

Sorry to miss out on the 2016 IndieWeb Summit, but wishing everybody attending a jolly good time


Let's see which of the webmention.rocks tests this site, running on worpdress with some of the indieweb plugins (semantic-linkbacks, webmention, webmention-form, webactions), will pass…

Test 1 | Test 2 | Test 3 | Test 4 | Test 5 | Test 6 | Test 7 | Test 8 | Test 9 | Test 10 | Test 11 | Test 12 | Test 13 | Test 14 | Test 15 | ...

Indiewebcamp Nuremberg

I'm going to the Indiewebcamp Nuremberg, which will start today. :)

Babysteps in IndieWeb, pt3

Next up is the test if I can pull in comments from silos like Facebook or Twitter back to the blog post that got shared there. Let's raise the voodoo bar a bit now…

this on twitter

Babysteps in IndieWeb, pt2

This is just a test, if my webmention endpoint actually is working. If not, I'll better apply for an account at webmention.io :-)

Babysteps in IndieWeb

The second day of the 2014 Border:None conference sees me sitting in a brewery cellar, and putting some h-entry and other microformats in the good ol' webrocker theme. Somewhat embarrising is having Mr Jeremy Keith looking at the source code which actually is kind of, hm, messy, having grown more or less organically for more than years since the last refactoring :-). But since this here right now is primarily to test if and how this notification voodoo works, I have to live with it for the moment. :-) So here's a link to Aarons post ...


Photo: Tom Arnold (webrockagram on Instagram)

So, ich habe dann doch mal dem sozialen Druck nachgegeben und mich bei Instagram angemeldet. Da ich mittlerweile sowieso fast nur mit dem Phone in der Gegend rumknipse, erschien mir das sinnvoll, zumal es ein wunderbares WordPress-Plugin gibt, was die Instagramphotos ins Blog rüberholt, statt "nur" Instagrambilder im Blog anzuzeigen:
Instagrate To WordPress.
Ja, wenn cURL auf dem Server installiert ist, werden die Bilder in die Mediathek abgelegt. Ausserdem kann das Plugin so eingerichtet werden, dass es postet, sobald ein neues Photo auf Instagram veröffentlicht wurde. Super, ...

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