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Frank Carter - I Hate You (@ Banquet Records)

Link to post Frank Carter - I Hate You (@ Banquet Records)

To whom it may concern. Großartiger Song, großartiger Typ. Und wie immer kommt das viel zu spät unter meinem Stein an, dabei spielt man das schon seit Jahren auch auf großen Festivals. Aber da bin ich ja nie, also passt schon.

The Beauty of Bézier Curves - Freya Holmér

Beautiful indeed! This presentation by Freya Holmér. 🤓🤗 I love tweaking vector shapes for my illustration work, and have developed a gut feeling where and how to tweak those handles on path tools, but now I finally start to get the math behind these.

Triggerfinger - live @ Rockpalast 2017

Link to post Triggerfinger - live @ Rockpalast 2017

Gerade (wieder) gefunden: ein großartiger Auftritt einer großartigen Band, die immer irgendwie seit zwanzig Jahren unter dem Radar durchfliegt, und natürlich genau deshalb einen Platz in der Lieblingsbandsliste hier inne hat. \m/

Roxanne de Bastion - Molecules

Link to post Roxanne de Bastion - Molecules

… That might be god They might have mislabelled that… Nach dem emotionalen Rollercoaster der letzten Wochen hauen diese zwei Zeilen tiefer rein, als angenommen. Trotzdem oder gerade deshalb: Sehr schöner Song, das.

Peoples Temper - All Evil Is Gone - Bomb Shelter Live Session

Link to post Peoples Temper - All Evil Is Gone - Bomb Shelter Live Session

Unsere Proberaum-Nachbarn haben einen wunderbaren Indierock (also als das noch kein Schimpfwort war)-Song gemacht!

Jessica Dobson - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

Link to post Jessica Dobson - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

The voices. The guitar, the (cover) songs… I'm totally blown away by this performance on International Womens Day 2019 on KEXP.

Why The IndieWeb? - Heydon Pickering

An illustrated squirrel looks at a trail of acorns

Heydon's "Webbed Briefs" are thouroughly enjoyable, so please sit back, hop over to his site and learn something about something that's very dear to me. The web and the mess it has become in parts.

Thelma & Louise - Nova Twins

Link to post Thelma & Louise - Nova Twins

Danke Danke Danke @der1000Sascha for this tip. I can't express how much my jaw dropped after I watched the Live-Footage of the Nova Twins opening for the Prophets Of Rage. These girls kick (b)ass!! \m/ still need convincin'? eat this

The OBGMs - "Not Again"

Link to post The OBGMs - "Not Again"

Oh yes Baby, gimme more, definitely ! \m/ Yet another great band that Danko Jones' podcast made me aware of. So good.

Saint Agnes - Brother - Live From Lockdown

Link to post Saint Agnes - Brother - Live From Lockdown

for several weeks now I'm listening to the Danko Jones podcast, while I take a walk to catch some daylight and escape the self imposed social distancing hell that is home office. Not only is Danko one of my favorite musicians and his band an all time favorite of mine since I saw them opening…

Why The Web Is Such A Mess - Tom Scott

Screencapture of the video, a bunch of out of focus LEDs from a server rack

This is a very very good video about the web and the tracking mess that we're in. (via @faulancer)

Sleaford Mods - Mork n Mindy Ft. Billy Nomates

Link to post Sleaford Mods - Mork n Mindy Ft. Billy Nomates

Ah uh. Play this loud. I looked out on the front outside of my window there wasn't anything nice to see I wanted things to smell like meadows not like hell … dying dandelions and bumblebees… Neues von den Sleaford Mods?! Ja bitte. \m/