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Jake Archibald ponders on Twitter about the state of web development

(make sure to read the whole thread)

— it seems that many developers are more obsessed about controlling the onslaught of complexity by creating and maintaining a plethora of tools, for pre- and post-compiling, minifying, deploying, testing, and automating every possible aspect of 'the workflow'.

Being a web developer seems to be more and more about mastering tools, not creating solutions that benefit the users. And how easy it is to get lost in this tool driven jungle, to ...

Writing Less Damned Code - Heydon Pickering @Beyond Tellerrand Conference, Berlin 2016

Vimeo direct slaponthebackofthehead

Concatenating, minifying, compressing, caching: all serviceable ways to improve the performance of web interfaces. But none are as effective as not coding something in the first place. Code that don't exist is infinitely performant and extremely easy to maintain and document. This talk will identify some examples of front-end code that are either not needed at all, make the interface worse just by being there, or can be replaced by something much, much simpler. Say hello to unprogressive non-enhancement.

Less is Less!

the C in CSS, it is not 'component'.

(my recent web dev timeline in a nutshell; everyone seems to have a strong opinion around that fact)

A Front End Developer is Aware - Chris Coyier

In a general sense, the front end developer is positioned in the middle of lots of other jobs. Everybody involved in a web team ends up talking with the front end developers. That makes sense. The front end developers create the actual thing people interact with. Everything comes together with the front end developer. Perhaps that's why it's such a fun job!

Progressive Web(rocker)App

Ha! It! Really! Works!

I have to admit I was a bit sceptical of the outcome after I tweaked and added things and bits of my website at the Indiewebcamp in Nuremberg, setting up a service worker and offline caching things, adding a manifest file … while in theory I understand what all of this was supposed to do, I felt a bit dumb for not completly grasping how to control the stuff.

So as so often when learning new tricks on the web, it started with copy/pasting a working solution and trying to adapt this to my ideas.

But ...

Regressive Web Apps – Jeremy Keith

[…] Looking at most of the examples of Progressive Web Apps, there’s an even more worrying trend than the return to m-dot subdomains. It looks like most of them are concentrating so hard on the “app” part that they’re forgetting about the “web” bit. That means they’re assuming that modern JavaScript is available everywhere.

I'm again with Jeremy Keith here. I'm team web. Links and Urls (and being responsive) are the web's superpower. Don't cripple that by trying to emulate 'native'.

(and I want to add a second like for the usage of the word 'flabbergasted')

Weihnachtszeit, Dekozeit


Ich habe mir gestern und heute endlich mal wieder Zeit für die Renovierung der Bloghütte hier nehmen können und als Resultat gibt es nun, frisch von der Webdeveloperquengelwarenauslage: Die Webrocker-Headergrafik ist nun mit SVG realisiert und die Hauptnavigation habe ich von float auf Flexbox umgebaut. Ha!

Warum, fragt sich der werte Blogbesucher, sieht doch fast genauso aus wie vorher.
Jahaa, sagt der bescheidene Blogbesitzer, aber unter der Haube ist das nun weniger Code (die Lösung vorher war ehrlich gesagt sehr an den Haaren herbeigezogen, auch wenn es so als Experiment schon cool war, die Grafik komplett ...

Brad Frost - Style Gude Best Practices @ Beyond Tellerrand Berlin

Brad Frost - Style Guide Best Practices - btconfBER2015 from beyond tellerrand on Vimeo.

CSS Basics

Pfft. Da macht man (ich) seit Jahren, fast Jahrzehnten, mit diesem CSS-Zeugs rum, denkt, dass man den Krams eigentlich ganz gut verstanden hat und im Griff hat. Klar, manchmal passieren komische Sachen, die man nicht so direkt versteht oder nachvollziehen kann, dann stochert man ein bisschen rum, sucht sich ähnliche Probleme und/oder Hinweise zusammen, fixt den Kram oder lässt von der konkreten Idee ab und nimmt einen anderen Weg zum Ziel. Und dann gibt es so AHA Momente, meistens völlig unerwartet und ohne Vorwarnung -- einen solchen hatte ich heute früh, als mir Jens Linksammlung durch die Morgentimeline ...

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