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Thom Yorke - Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt, 3.7.2019

If you want to know how it actually feels when your left brain is struggling with the right brain, treat yourself to a @thomyorke ANIMA show:
While your inner animal wants to move to the groove and the deceptively deep beats that are coming from Thom and Nigel Godrich, there's this little problem - there are a ton of different rhythmic layers in each song, and while your intellect still tries to grasp the logic, suddenly the great visuals (by Tarik Barri) will simply stun you in mid-thought. Then sometimes the rhythmic layers' interferences will form a ...

Spidergawd - 14.3.19 @ Nachtleben, Frankfurt

Hand showing the "rock" two finger salute in front of the chest , wearing the Spidergawd logo T-Shirt

Wow. I knew that this was going to be a great evening, having watched plenty of live footage on the intertubes before, and having their albums on heavy rotation for quite a while now.

But little did I know HOW GOOD this evening would turn out.

The Eagle has Icelanded


Brutalism, made in Offenbach

Ob es schön ist, darüber kann man trefflich streiten, aber sehenswert ist das Rathaus in Offenbach auf jeden Fall. Nachdem das technische Rathaus in Frankfurt und der "Turm" der alten Uni abgerissen bzw gesprengt wurden, und das alte Nordwestzentrum schon lange nicht mehr erkennbar in seiner ursprünglichen zur Schau gestellten Beton-Ästhetik gewandet ist, ist das Offenbacher Rathaus, auch und gerade innen, im Foyer, eines der letzten Baudenkmäler aus der Zeit, wo man "materielle Ehrlichkeit" ...