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Sometimes my brain works in mysterious ways. is @heydonworks Incluzifer ?discuss — Tom Tinkerson (@webrocker) February 12, 2020

Lazy Sunday

Vorher / Nachher


A wild night out with broken LED bulb Karaoke Bird


(original photo by @maddesigns / Sven Wolfermann)

Srcmaps fressen kein Brot

Meinte doch gerade der geschätzte Herr @xwolf auf Twitter: Aber gerne doch. :-)

Caption this…

Lightbulb with stereo plug 6.3mm inside

Das echte Eichhörnchen

Vom Aussterben bedroht: Das echte Eichhörnchen.

Red Brauns

What is Braun and makes for an honest good filtered coffee? Right.

Business plan for dummies

My (business) plan for the last years now. Problem is, the yellow circle is constantly shifting and sometimes in the undefined realm. The ultimate would be having all three circles the same size and position, but this'll never happen. So firstly, grey needs to be in yellow, and growing.

How Imposter Syndrome works

A diagram showing a small circle, labeled 'what I know', inside a larger circle labelled 'what I think others know'. next to it two circles of equal size, overlapping in the middle, labelled 'what I know' and the other 'what others know'

Pizza Hawaii

Die einzig wahre. Photo: Tom Arnold