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btconfboogie, spotified

Empty row of red seats, in the background the Beyond Tellerrand Logo on a mirror above the bar

Wow. Already seven years ago I had the honor and the privilege to provide the musical backdrop to the Warm-up party of my favorite web design conference. Recently I listened again to the 5 hours and I have to say, this is still *my* kind of music. So today I created a Spotify playlist, and…

Mutable Gallery

Jagged, seemingly hand-drawn scrawls become more complex and tightly knotted moving down the canvas until they begin to form distinct, enumerable ball shapes

This is a generated image, courtesy of Heydon's project, "Mutable Gallery" - a collection of generative art, rendered in SVG, in your browser. I love it.

In Critical Defense of Frontend Development - Jens Oliver Meiert

Hear hear! This great article about the craft of Frontend Development by Jens starts with a bang: Frontend development is a field that’s not unfamiliar with being misunderstood, and its value being underestimated or missed Oh yes. At first, FE was seen as some variation of Desktop Publishing. "Real" designers would ponder about the (visual)…

Flash Changed How We Communicate - Tom Green

A nice trip down the history road of Flash, now that Adobe ends the Flash support:

From Gatsby to Eleventy - Amber Wilson

Amber writes about her switching the "motor" of her blog/website. What I really like is the in-depth comparison and reasoning which kind of shows that the "rule of least power" should also be more often applied not only to the technology in general, but for our choice of tools as well. And I admire her…

How to set up local development for Kirby and Tailwind - Brian Liddell

Super helpful recipe for setting up a local development environment on macOS for php, node, postcss, kirbycms and tailwind, with homebrew and the command line.

Painting With The Web - Matthias Ott

This. This. This. This is what initially brought me to the early web; the improvisation, the bugs, the happy accidents the intersection of exciting new technology, not yet understood, and the excitement of actually seeing in the browser directly if what I tweaked in the html gibberish works or not… This naive playfulness matured, of…

WordPress 5.5.3 Update

WordPress Logo an die VW-Fabrik gephotoshopped

Na, heute war aber ordentlich was los in WordPress Updatehausen. Kurz nachdem gestern das WP 5.5.2 Security Update erschien, wurden einige der von mir verwalteten Installationen plötzlich erneut aktualisiert, aber auf eine Alpha Version von WP 5.5.3. Irgendwas haben die da seitens WordPress verbockt, weil sich unbemerkt ein Fehler in die frisch ausgerollte WP 5.5.2…

WordPress 5.5.2 Security Update

WordPress Logo an die VW-Fabrik gephotoshopped

Heute ist ein WordPress Update erschienen, dass einige Sicherheitslücken stopft und auch schon per Auto-Update ausrollt.

Lateral Thinking With Withered Technology - Matthias Ott

How Nintendo won the world and what this may have to do with a sane approach to building web experiences…

Pratical ethics for the modern web designer - Morten Rand-Hendriksen

In this talk for An Event Apart on 20th July 2020, Morten lays down a path toward an explicit ethics for web workers, by anchoring the work we do in the capabilities we manipulate in the people we design for, and providing an ethical foundation to stand on when making the decisions that build the…

Weitere Gedanken zum Bloggen

Das schreibt Kiki als Teil einer umfangreichen Antwort auf meine Frage gestern, was zur Hölle eigentlich gerade los ist, dass Menschen mit Blogs diese vermehrt als Belastung empfinden. Christian kommentierte gestern, und beiden Antworten ist zu entnehmen, dass da eine Verantwortung, eine gefühlte Schwere, ins Spiel kommt… ich frage mich schon länger, ob wir Webmenschen…