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web3isgoinggreat.com - Molly White

10 Years Kirby CMS

The Kirby Logo: K in a hexagon

My favorite Content Management System turned 10 recently. 🎉 It is kind of ironic that I write these lines in WordPress, I know. But the only reason that this here is on WordPress and not Kirby is… legacy. Since August 2005 I have written nearly 2300 posts, and I'm simply too lazy to migrate this,…

The Third Web - tante.cc

We all need to read this.

RIP Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby

Mit nur 49 Jahren ist der ehemalige Sänger von TURBONEGRO gestorben. Nachricht auf Instagram Apocalypse dudes got nothing to lose - Age Of Pamparius

Wen hast Du gerade alt genannt?!

Hossa. Heute vor DREISSIG fucking Jahren stand ich in der Batschkapp und freute mich, dass völlig überraschend und unangekündigt der Opening Act URGE OVERKILL war. Zum Nirvana-Konzert, die gerade mit Nevermind Europa betourten. Vor ZWÖLF Jahren schrieb ich bereits hier in der Bloghütte kurz was dazu. uff. Das war doch eben erst…

The Oxymoron of “Data-Driven Innovation” - Chelsea Troy

Aus für den Musikbunker Marbachweg - Frankfurter Rundschau

Alter. Auf einen Schlag stehen ein Haufen Musiker und Bands auf der Straße und suchen eine neue Bleibe (zb: So. #Frankfurt. Ernstfall!Unser #Proberaum-Bunker am #Marbachweg (#Dornbusch) wird zum 31.12. dichtgemacht 😐🤮 Wir suchen also Ersatz, möglichst nah am alten Standort. 4-köpfige #Metalband, halbwegs ordentlich, zahlen pünktlich und zuverlässig. Bitte großflächig teilen. — Thomas Goldberg (@TG_translations)…

btconfboogie, spotified

Empty row of red seats, in the background the Beyond Tellerrand Logo on a mirror above the bar

Wow. Already seven years ago I had the honor and the privilege to provide the musical backdrop to the Warm-up party of my favorite web design conference. Recently I listened again to the 5 hours and I have to say, this is still *my* kind of music. So today I created a Spotify playlist, and…

Mutable Gallery

Jagged, seemingly hand-drawn scrawls become more complex and tightly knotted moving down the canvas until they begin to form distinct, enumerable ball shapes

This is a generated image, courtesy of Heydon's project, "Mutable Gallery" - a collection of generative art, rendered in SVG, in your browser. I love it.

In Critical Defense of Frontend Development - Jens Oliver Meiert

Hear hear! This great article about the craft of Frontend Development by Jens starts with a bang: Frontend development is a field that’s not unfamiliar with being misunderstood, and its value being underestimated or missed Oh yes. At first, FE was seen as some variation of Desktop Publishing. "Real" designers would ponder about the (visual)…

Flash Changed How We Communicate - Tom Green

A nice trip down the history road of Flash, now that Adobe ends the Flash support:

From Gatsby to Eleventy - Amber Wilson

Amber writes about her switching the "motor" of her blog/website. What I really like is the in-depth comparison and reasoning which kind of shows that the "rule of least power" should also be more often applied not only to the technology in general, but for our choice of tools as well. And I admire her…