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Achwennskalender #5

ach, wenn mirs nur gruselte! ach, wenn mirs nur gruselte!
Brüder Grimm / google.de

Achwennskalender #4

Ach, wenn es doch schon wieder Montag wär
und ich bei meiner Laurentia wär, Laurentia wär!
Niederrheinisches Volkslied / google.de

Achwennskalender #3

Ach, wenn ich nur der Schemel wär, Worauf der Liebsten Füße ruhn!
Und stampfte sie mich noch so sehr, Ich wollte doch nicht klagen tun.
Heinrich Heine / google.de

Achwennskalender #2

Ach, wenn ich doch als Mann auf diese Welt gekommen wär, da wär ich besser dran und wüsste, wie sie sind und alles, was ich machte, wär sicher halb so schwer und von der Liebe kriegte dann der andere das Kind.
Bettina Wegner / google.de

Achwennskalender #1

Ach wenn in unsrer engen Zelle
Die Lampe freundlich wieder brennt,
Dann wird's in unserm Busen helle,
Im Herzen, das sich selber kennt.
J.W.v Goethe / google.de

WordPress 4.9.1 Security Update

WordPress versions 4.9 and earlier are affected by four security issues which could potentially be exploited as part of a multi-vector attack. As part of the core team's ongoing commitment to security hardening, the following fixes have been implemented in 4.9.1:

Use a properly generated hash for the newbloguser key instead of a determinate substring.

Add escaping to the language attributes used on html elements.

Ensure the attributes of enclosures are correctly escaped in RSS and Atom feeds.

Remove the ability to upload JavaScript files for users who do not have the unfiltered_html capability.


WordPress 4.9 - Tipton

This release features Customizer improvements, including the ability to save customization changes as drafts, schedule them to go live at a certain time, and letting other people preview the changes easier. To improve code editing in the admin we've introduced syntax highlighting and error checking to make things more robust and harder to break.

The Web began dying in 2014, here's how - André Staltz

It looks like nothing changed since 2014, but GOOG and FB now have direct influence over 70%+ of internet traffic.
(…) GOOG’s goal is to gather as much rich data as possible, and build AI. Their mission is to have an AI provide timely and personalized information to us, not specifically to have websites provide information.
(…) The Web and the internet have represented freedom: efficient and unsupervised exchange of information between people of all nations. In the Trinet, we will have even more vivid exchange of information between people, but we will sacrifice freedom. Many of us will wake


Fuck Facebook - Daring Fireball

Treat Facebook as the private walled garden that it is. If you want something to be publicly accessible, post it to a real blog on any platform that embraces the real web, the open one.daringfireball.net