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The Laws of UX

A very neat collection of (web) design principles , such as "Jacob's Law": "Users spend most of their time on other sites. This means that users prefer your site to work the same way as all the other sites they already know." Laws of UX is a collection of the key maxims that designers must…

Matthias Ott: Saving your web workflows with prototyping

Oh, Matthias did it again: Publishing one of his thorough articles on the challenges of designing/working with "the web". It is again one of those articles that I'd wished to have written myself, because it echoes my thoughts (and my frustration) about the unfitting ways I am forced to work in when I'm doing client…

Learnui.design: The HSB Color System: A Practicioner's Primer

We’re going to cover what H, S, and B are, and then I’m going to tell you about why this is the single-best color system in wide usage, plus some intricacies of using it in day-to-day digital design. learnui.design

Washington Monthly: How to Fix Facebook—Before It Fixes Us

(…) Algorithms that maximize attention give an advantage to negative messages. People tend to react more to inputs that land low on the brainstem. Fear and anger produce a lot more engagement and sharing than joy. The result is that the algorithms favor sensational content over substance. Of course, this has always been true for…

Wired: Facebook bug could have let advertisers get your phone number

Facebook tells users that giving the company their mobile phone number will help keep their account secure. Until a few weeks ago, however, the social network’s self-service ad-targeting tools could be massaged into revealing a Facebook user’s cellphone number from their email address. The same flaw made it possible to collect phone numbers for Facebook…

Achwennskalender #24

Ach, wenn es doch endlich Weihnachten wär! Im Haus ist alles so heimlich und still. Ob es bald Weihnachten werden will? Ich freu mich ja auf das Christkind so sehr! Ach - wenn es doch endlich Weihnachten wär. google.de

Achwennskalender #23

Ach, wenn wir schon Fabeln und Wundergeschichten nötig haben, so sollen sie wenigstens ein Symbol der Wahrheit sein! Voltaire / google.de

Achwennskalender #22

Ach wenn wir nur sicher wären wie die hamster sich vermehren doch sie treibens ja im dunkeln wobei rüben und ranunkeln jene sauerein geschehen die noch nie ein mensch gesehen Otto Waalkes / google.de

Achwennskalender #21

Ach wenn ich nur so wär wie dein kleiner Teddybär Dein Leben wär nur halb so schwer mit mir als Teddybär ba da dn du dn da dnHARMONIA VOCALIS / google.de

Achwennskalender #20

Ich kann nicht mehr; Wenn nur was käme Und mich mitnähme! Friedrich Rückert / google.de

Achwennskalender #19

Ach, wenn ich nur ein Liebchen hätte, so groß wie ich und rosenschön, Mit Freuden gieng ich dann zu Bette, denn Liebchen müßte mit mir gehn Volkslied / google.de

The web we may have lost - Christian Heilmann

The current blow to the open web that is the Net Neutrality ruling feels terrible to me. My generation saw the web emerge and many of us owe our careers to it. (…) I am not surprised that it came to this. The world-wide-web always scared the hell out of those who want to control…