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Well well well… now that the world's richest person wants to buy twitter, there's (again) a rush among the inhabitants of my twitter timeline to alternative ways of, hm, "twitter".
Like in 2018, when I, too, created an account on a Mastodon instance (only to let it go silent after a few attempts).
For several years now I'm using my website here from time to time as the source for, hm, "tweets", in the spirit of the IndieWeb. But, the ease and immediate interaction/reaction to stuff that I put out directly on twitter is still much more to my liking. Or maybe I'm just lazy.
Anyway, this is yet another nudge to be very thoughtful about where "my" content lives, and having my own site here, it should naturally be the place. Even if there's no one here directly to read my ramblings. We'll see.

my silly svg header with the guitar strings got webrocker.de featured in the Whimsical Website Club and this makes me very happy. I long for the playfulness of the early days of making stuff on the web. fun for the fun of it. now we have the technology and more powerful devices at our hands,…

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Also wenn's nach den leeren Regalen im Nahkauf hier ums Eck geht, dann isst ganz Deutschland Nudeln mit Dosentomaten, trinkt dazu H-Milch und kackt dann was das Zeug hält.

Link to post reply to greg

Ah, thank you. :) Well, in this case it was more of an after thought… whenever I publish a 'link' post, I usually quote some of the original text and add a u-bookmark-of. Then I felt the need to add some text of my own and this got me thinking that this now also was a reply of sorts, so I added the second class 'u-in-reply-to'. In Jeremy's post, only the bookmark mention is displayed, but I think this is because I only added the reply markup later. Thanks for the info that in principle both signals can be processed in one mention. ftw
Reply to https://quickthoughts.jgregorymcverry.com/2020/02/08/webrocker-it-is-almost-like-you-have

Link to post WordPress basics - language directories

A quick question for my WordPress timeline…



what is the difference of these directories and how are these parsed in regard to the translated string that's visible in the front end if both have a (different) translation for the same string? My guess is that the `theme_x/languages/`will trump, but what purpose has the `languages/theme_x/` directory? Where is the "correct" place for translations?

Link to post Trump notes sound like a Ramones song

This already made my day, today

Link to post Thank you Jeremy

Thank you Jeremy for sharing the link on your site! ?
Currently trying to note down some quotes around your idea about the pacelayers for the web and including them in the animation, so that the whole thing makes more sense if viewed non-visually. Thanks for the inspiring talk.
(and I really envyy you for the CERN experience, btw ?)

In reply to: https://adactio.com/links/16112

Link to post The World Wide Work - Ethan Marcotte (revisited)

Ethan Marcotte has published the slides and the transcript of his talk "The World Wide Work" on his own website, and this a very good reason to again listen…

for me, there was something magical about that moment. I mean, here’s Sir Tim Berners-Lee—the guy who created the World Wide Web!—standing in front of the world to proclaim that THIS IS FOR EVERYONE. And I think it really epitomized the way our industry thought of the Web: that it wasn’t just a communications network, it was an ideal. An ideal that said the promise of a free, open, universally-accessible network would connect people across the globe and, given time, improve the world.
We are absolutely on a new adventure, you and I. There’s so much work before us, work for us to design a better Web—one that works more equitably for all.
Individually, we are capable of brilliant things. But collectively? We are a wonder.

… to this important talk about the current mess state of our industry, and how not to dispair. It's a tough job, but we're in this, together.

Link to post It's not a Bug

It's not a bug,
it's the future.

Link to post Webmention Test

check to see if the wp webmention implementation still works.
Test 1
Test 2
Test 3
Test 4
Test 5
Test 6
Test 7
Test 8
Test 9
Test 10
Test 11
Test 12
Test 13
Test 14
Test 15
Test 16
Test 17
Test 18
Test 19
Test 20
Test 21
Test 22
Test 23

… and I like it.

Link to post Welcome back, Marc

Welcome back, Marc, and congrats on reviving your blog. Looking forward to read more. :)