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It is amazing to have these webmentions flying in. All. Different. Kinds. A bookmark, in this case (I'm not sure if my site will display this correct, but the mention came in) - thank you!
Man, there's so much I want to do right now in the underbelly of my site... stoked.

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Southpaths unite! ;-) Thanks for the repost, Jonas. (and a reminder to myself to add post images to videos), hehe.

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Maybe it's just me, but there was a special mood in the crowd this time. More cheering when speakers entered the stage. More clapping after each talk. I don't really know. Maybe I'm just projecting here.

No you're not. There were several moments were I had tears in my eyes. Coming out of nowhere, but it hit me, hard. A feeling of belonging. I felt cheesy and open at the same time.

I am very happy to have you/your site back in my bubble, Bastian. And thanks for all the hard work with Kirby, and yes the irony is not lost on me that I write this thanks thru my WordPress install.

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Testing a suddenly failing webmention implemention in WordPress 5.2.

For me the past felt like people defined the Internet. Today brands define the same thing I used to like.

And adding to that, people trying harder than ever to become their own brands wherever you look, while the behemoths of capitalism, the brands and their marketing, try so hard to stage as persons, friends even.

I already miss the small but always meaningful exchanges we have when we meet in person. *hug

Digital loneliness

In this note, I use my blog to syndicate - as a tweet in my Twitter profile - that I successfully answered to a post over at my Mastodon profile, again using my blog.
Mind: bowling.
Indieweb tech ftw

Testing my blog set up for interaction with the fediverse, via fed.brid.gy, as discovered via this post



Going to iceland for material.is conf, brb. ✈️
Excited to visit the land of ice and fire, and to explore what the material of the web may be: This is a topic that keeps me busy for nearly two decades now.

For centuries we've worked with wood, metal, glass, ceramic, paper, textiles. More recently, new materials have emerged; plastics, fiberglass, silicon, and more. We understand their limitations, their affordances. We can fold, heat, manipulate and warp some of these materials. But the Internet and the Web are still very new to us. We don't fully understand them as a material.