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Ich weiss zwar nicht, was ich brauche, aber ich will jetzt einen Preis, und zwar so, dass ich vergleichen kann.
Dann komme ich wieder und dann wird aber an dem Preis auch nicht mehr gerüttelt, und dann schaue ich mal, was ich eigentlich will.

After graduating from Hogwarts, Harry Potter started a carreer in web design.
At first all went well, but after mastering the spells of semantic markup, the transformative power of cascading styles and the elegance of letting go control in unknown spaces, he then encountered a fierce coven: The guys from marketing, sales, and finally, the seo bunch
-- the dev eaters!

... hm. this homebrew club tonite in nuremberg is about websites, not beer -- quite a change to the recent evenings here :-D Currently tweaking my postie/#indieweb workflow: Test, test, one-two. #tollweek

I'm attending Homebrew Website Club Nuremberg #tollweek @tollwerk #indieweb Come and hack some fun with us :-)

Bags are packed for lovely Nuremberg; to work and have a good time with my friends @tollwerk #tollweek I'm both exited and a bit stressed, because when I planned for this off shore gig, it seemed that my own little shop of frontend horrors steered into some kind of summer low, work wise. Which of…

Just a quick test if my postie integration still works and could be used as a posting interface for status type posts, and trigger brid.gy to share this in silos.

... another day of fiddling with my offline / service worker setting while indiewebcamping in Düsseldorf <3

short status; "link back" set to 'show'…

‪Created a new category 'reading list' on my site. ‬
Quite (web) design heavy at the moment, but will also include books I plan to read*, and hopefully will grow over time. Don't know if I'll find the time to comment every book like with the three current ones, but I'll try :)
*maybe could serve as a pointer for friends and family looking for a present for yours truly, ahem ;)