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  • 25. August 2014: Offset setup for purists

    I just stumbled over this series of posts regarding the setup of Jazzmaster or Jaguars with the original parts, no replacements involved, over at …

  • 4. February 2014: ’64 Jazzmaster wipe out

    Ok, confession time. I’m absolutely hooked on Fretted Americana‘s Youtube channel, esp if they manage Phil X to try out some of their treasures. In this 10 minute gem he gets the best sounds out of a 1964 CAR Jazzmaster and if you’re like me, you’ll be sure to wait till the end of this video to get totally earblown.

  • 6. January 2014: Gallery Update

    Red Refin, 3 pickups

    Roelf sent me some cool new pictures of his 65 custom Jazzmaster (the one with the three pickups), and I added them to the ’65 Jazzmaster gallery. Enjoy!

  • 6. January 2014: Guestbook reopened

    I just reopened the guestbook, I was missing something. :-)
    Hopefully the spammers are tired and look for other targets in 2014. *sigh
    In just one hour the newly opened guestbook got hammered by 30 spam comments. effin lowlifes. >:-(

  • 6. January 2014: Happy New Year 2014

    long time no writing and Рwosh Рanother year is pass̩.
    One of my new year resolutions is: Redesign. Redesign. Redesign this site. :-)
    We’ll see if and how this will go.
    During the holidays I found a lovely new (to me) site: Mike & Mikes Guitar Bar.
    They have a weak spot for the offset guitars, and wrote several entertaining, yet very …

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