The new oil

Anselm just published a response* to NYT's "The Big Five tech companies increasingly dominate our lives. Could you ditch them?" quiz.

His personal results seem to be quite similar to what I'd find out. Ditching Apple for example would be way harder for me as, say, ditching Facebook - which I already try to avoid as much as possible, but as Anselm wrote, with friends using Instagram and Whatsapp constantly, there's no way around touching FB from time to time.

A thought I had while reading this — if data indeed is the new oil, shouldn't we all be very very alert and have a really good look at how companies/capitalism/industries have treated the environment in which they used to source their profits? Sea oil and oil spills, mining and rivers full of acid, mono cultures and the loss of rain forests, for example?

If data is the new oil, then we, the people, the users, are the environment in which the oil is sourced, and why on earth should "corporate" suddenly treat this environment in a respectful and sustainable way? When it proved over a century that ultimately the maximum exploitation of the providing environment is key?

Thus he spoked and another gallon of data is squirted into the pipes of the interwebs.

[*] which in turn was inspired by Jeena's post

RIP Chris Cornell

I'm sitting in the office, teary-eyed and listening to this voice, that meant so much to me.

The Secret Life of Comedy - Espen Brunborg @Beyond Tellerrand Conference, Düsseldorf 2017

This is my favorite talk from this year’s Dusseldorf edition of my favorite conference. Which was brimming with great talks, and to be fair, this “this is my favorite yaddayadda” is highly personal, and a short survey among attending friends showed that one person’s highlight didn’t impress another one and vice versa. Which is the secret sauce of the ...

WordPress 4.7.5 Security and Maintenance Release

WordPress Logo an die VW-Fabrik gephotoshopped

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your update engines:

WordPress versions 4.7.4 and earlier are affected by six security issues:
Insufficient redirect validation in the HTTP class. Reported by Ronni Skansing.
Improper handling of post meta data values in the XML-RPC API. Reported by Sam Thomas.
Lack of capability checks for post meta data in the XML-RPC API. Reported by Ben Bidner of the WordPress


Everything is better with double bass drums

– sogar das offenbar unbeliebteste Musikvideo auf youtube (in Deutschland) gewinnt mit etwas Fußmaschinensport

youtube direktgeboller

Ascii Map. Zoomable World Map in your console

Wie geil ist das denn bitte?!

MapSCII - The Whole World In Your Console.
A node.js based Vector Tile to Braille and ASCII renderer for xterm-compatible terminals.
Try it yourself! Open your Terminal and enter => telnet < = (on OSX and Linux, use putty on


Billy Bragg - Waiting For The Great Leap Forward

Slightly upgraded lyrics. Love it.

WordPress 4.7.4 Maintenance Update

Gestern ist ein Wartungs- und Bugfixupdate von WordPress erschienen.

This release contains 47 maintenance fixes and enhancements, chief among them an incompatibility between the upcoming Chrome version and the visual editor, inconsistencies in media handling, and further improvements to the REST API. For a full list of changes, consult the release notes and the list of

Die Auto-Updates prasseln hier schon bei diversen Installationen rein; wie gewohnt gibt es die neue Version aber auch zum Download auf

Best Coast - Boyfriend

youtube direct sommerfestvorahnung

Hach. Gerade durch Zufall wiederentdeckt, der DJ Random bei youtube ist doch ganz gut ab und an. Eben noch hört man die Thermals und dann, schwubbs, Memory Lane. :-)
(und eine Fender Mustang macht sich eh immer gut)

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