Grant Hart - Live on KEXP

Get ready for some serious goosebumps.

Intergalactic Lovers - River

Eine wunderbare Band habe ich gerade durch den youtube Loop im Umkreis des Kettcar Songs von gerade eben entdeckt: Intergalactic Lovers

zu diesem tollen Song gibt es ein sehr absurdes offizielles Video, wegen der Überraschung hier nun nur als Link, statt als Embed, eingefügt. Erst klicken, wenn ihr die Liveversion oben durch habt. :)

Kettcar - Wagenburg

Ich mag Kettcar, auch wenns weh tut.

RIP Grant Hart

Das Heldensterben geht weiter - jetzt hat Grant Hart (ex Hüsker Dü) offenbar den Kampf gegen den Krebs verloren :((

Fuck. Ich habe in solo vor gefühlten 100.000 Jahren im Cooky's in Frankfurt gesehen, und das war schon… speziell. Sein verkaterter Micky Rourke Charme, die merkwürdig schön/kaputten Songs… ach Mensch, wasn Mist. 56 ist doch kein Alter. :-(

Where Does The Design Agency Go From Here? - Paul Woods/Edo van Dijk

(…) Design is no longer just about design.
Design doesn’t mean making visual solutions. Digital doesn’t mean being a web monkey, producing only websites and apps. Such developments as the rise of artificial intelligence, screenless design and accessibility to great website-building tools like Squarespace mean that the agency that interprets digital design as “making websites and apps” is going to be out of business—and soon. To provide relevant design solutions, the modern agency needs to have business consultancy, copywriting, technology and


12 Years Blogrocking the Web

Happy Birthday, dear blog: your first post was published in August, 24th 2005.
That's like one hundred internet-years, and so you are about two years older than the twitter 'hashtag' (#) invention.
And you are still my favorite place to try out new technologies, to rant about the oddities of my daily adventures and recently to share some of the experiences and solutions from my daily work with this web thing, and writing more and more in english, because I'm ...

The web as a material

The concepts of apprenticeship and mastership seem to not apply on the Web. When it comes to building a house, you will search for a trusted architect and carpenter, and you'll measure their credibility by means of their experience, which in turn will be a matter of the time they spent exercising their craft. On the Web, even the 16-year-old nephew of your neighbour seems to be able of doing the job. Developers tend to call themselves "engineers" without


Intolerable - Jeremy Keith

Spot-on about that ex-googler's "manifesto" and its layers of reasonability around an intolerable core.

(…) It may seem odd that a document that appears to be so reasonable is proving to be so very divisive. But it’s that very appearance of impartiality that gives it its power. It is like an optical illusion for the mind. Some people—like me—read it and think, “this is clearly wrong and harmful.” Other people—who would never self-identify as sexist in any way—read it and


The Trooper - Steve'n'Seagulls

Wer hätte gedacht, dass Iron Maiden eigentlich Hillbilly County Bluegrass Songs macht? Der NWOBHM Hoppelrhythmus kam mir ja schon immer ein bisschen komisch vor, aber nach dieser (Cover)version frage ich mich, ob das nicht die eigentliche Seele des Songs ist. Yeehah.

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