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The concepts of apprenticeship and mastership seem to not apply on the Web. When it comes to building a house, you will search for a trusted architect and carpenter, and you'll measure their credibility by means of their experience, which in turn will be a matter of the time they spent exercising their craft. On the Web, even the 16-year-old nephew of your neighbour seems to be able of doing the job. Developers tend to call themselves "engineers" without being aware of the public responsibility that this title used to come along with.

My friend and fellow web oldie Joschi wrote an article about the fine little conference he and Brian Suda put up for the first time in Island recently. I followed the development of the ideas around the conference and did back the first attempt last year on kickstarter, but sadly had to pass this year for several reasons, which may go into a separate blog post one day. For now I am sad to have missed the chance to be among the first few attendants, especially because a lot of what Joshi writes in his post mirrors stuff that's going round in my head for years now, and for me, being in the trench and doing this 'web' thing for more than twenty years now, the missing 'respect' for or the ignorance of the materials, the fabric of the web is the number one reason why so many web stuff that gets pushed out, especially in client work, is bad, shortlived, unsustainable, bloated - cheap, even if it's expensive to build.

I don't have the hybris that only because I'm working with the web for so long now I truly understand it - but as Joschi writes, we had at least the chance to grow and hone our skills along and in parallel with the grow and development of the web(technology). I have seen the rise and fall of several hyped things, while the core strengths of this still new technology are still hard to sell or are often seen as an disposable add-on, or are ignored for 'pretty' visual and superficial 'design' aspects.

So yeah, I think I would have had plenty of good discussions and a very receptive open head for the conference's topics.

Intolerable - Jeremy Keith

Spot-on about that ex-googler's "manifesto" and its layers of reasonability around an intolerable core.

(…) It may seem odd that a document that appears to be so reasonable is proving to be so very divisive. But it’s that very appearance of impartiality that gives it its power. It is like an optical illusion for the mind. Some people—like me—read it and think, “this is clearly wrong and harmful.” Other people—who would never self-identify as sexist in any way—read it and


The Trooper - Steve'n'Seagulls

Wer hätte gedacht, dass Iron Maiden eigentlich Hillbilly County Bluegrass Songs macht? Der NWOBHM Hoppelrhythmus kam mir ja schon immer ein bisschen komisch vor, aber nach dieser (Cover)version frage ich mich, ob das nicht die eigentliche Seele des Songs ist. Yeehah.

Why You Should Fly Under The Radar When Booking A Trip - Mozilla Blog

To start, if you use the web to find cheap flights, you might notice an uptick in web ads for the routes you just searched for. These results aren’t just influenced by what you look up and buy online, but include related sites—even online publications where you get your news and celebrity gossip.
Some e-commerce sites have even been caught displaying different prices to different customers based on a variety of potential factors, including one’s browsing history. Believe it or


Resolving CSS Gridlock - Matthias Ott

Very good thoughts on the state of our ever evolving playfield and how to yield the power that CSS-grid can bring –– in times when there still are old processes, browsers and mindsets around.

[…] Just because people can use CSS Grid theoretically doesn’t mean they will actually use it in practice, especially if this involves writing layout code twice and with an already established method out there […] It's another manifestation of the huge shift we see in


Flash and the future of interactive content - Adobe

Adobe has announced that they will end support for Flash in 2020.

Several industries and businesses have been built around Flash technology – including gaming, education and video – and we remain committed to supporting Flash through 2020, as customers and partners put their migration plans into place. Adobe will continue to support Flash on a number of major OSs and browsers that currently support Flash content through the planned EOL. This will include issuing regular security patches, maintaining


Big Thief - NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Hallo Sonntag,

hier ist eine Band zum Verlieben:

Big Thief - zum ersten Mal sind die mir vor ein paar Wochen auf BBC Radio6 Music aufgefallen - die Single 'Shark Smile' lief da ziemlich heftig rauf und runter, und wie ich finde zurecht.

Und vorhin habe ich sie in den Links drüben beim René wiedergefunden (zusammen mit noch anderen Perlen, danke dafür) und ja, das ist die nächste Vinylplatte in meinem Schrank. <3

Chester Bennington

Verdammt. Chester Bennington ist tot. Offenbar Selbstmord, mit 41.

Wer ihn "nur" als Brüllwürfel bei Linkin Park wahrgenommen hat, sollte sich das obige Video mehrfach ansehen und dann darüber trauern, was für ein Talent da gestern ausgelöscht wurde.

Warum sich jemand selbst das Leben nimmt, kann "von aussen" niemand nachvollziehen. Menschen, die vermeindlich alles haben, Beziehung, Talent, Kinder, Geld, Anerkennung -- ich kann das nicht verstehen und ich bin froh darüber, da so ignorant zu sein und noch nicht ...


Ein lustiges Detail aus der google Streetview der ISS International Space Station.

Fuck it, ship it. :-)

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